Smaggle Yourself This Weekend – Recap

Smaggle Yourself This Weekend – Recap
Carly Jacobs

So how did every-one’s Smaggling go this weekend? I haven’t actually looked over my list yet so lets go through it together. Click here to see the original list and then keep reading to see how well I completed it…

1. HAVE A BATH AND GIVE YOURSELF A MANICURE – Both were achieved and I did drink a cup of peppermint tea.

2. TAKE YOURSELF ON A SOLO PICNIC – I didn’t have a solo picnic but I dragged Maggie Smaggle (our little Jack Russell) and Mama Smaggle on two walks which was lovely. We looked in the backyards of neighbours and were very smug at how well behaved our dog is in comparison to the ones that bark and carry on when you walk past.

3. BUY YOURSELF SOME FLOWERS AND PUT THEM BY YOUR BED – I went to the markets and got the lovely florist man to pick one of each colour of gerbera. It was so lovely waking up to them this morning!

4. GO AND HAVE A CUP OF TEA WITH A FRIEND –I did this for Mr Smaggle not a girlfriend but I figure he is just as good – I tell him everything anyway. He just got back from New York so I made him some Banana Peanut wheat-free muffins and put them in a basket with some yummy nougat and had tea and chats with him all afternoon.

5. GET ALL DRESSED UP AND GO SHOPPING – Completely forgot about this one. So… Did anyone else do this? Maybe we should strike it from list. Who can shop in heels anyway? This is how I deal with failure. Deny the existence of the task. You should try it. It’s really quite comforting.

6. GIVE YOURSELF A FACIAL – I totally did this one. I did a Strawberry and Cucumber Clarifying Cleanser mask followed by a Citrus Burst Moisture mask. The Citrus Burst was horrifying. It came in the form of a sheet of cloth that you kind of drape across your face Hannibal Lecter style. Not only did I look like I was about to eat your liver but it felt like there were a thousand bees stinging my face simultaneously while ants stamped on my eyelids with tiny spiky ant-sized soccer boots. I abandoned that mask after about thirty seconds. But the strawberry one was quite delightful…


8. GO ON A GOOD OLD FASHIONED MOVIE AND DINNER DATE – This was actually the first item that I ticked off my list. My lovely friend Kate and I went to see ‘St Trinian’s’ on Friday and it was lame but fabulous. We didn’t eat dinner though because we each ate an entire box of savoury biscuits during the movie and we were too full for real food afterwards.

I also did a few other smaggly things that weren’t on the list but are worth a mention –

* I had a massage.

* I spent a stupid amount of money on a t-shirt that I love.

* I spent an entire months worth of phone credit on one phone call to my lovely friend in Melbourne. And it was worth every cent.

* I ate ice-cream with Peanut Brittle sprinkled on top.

* I wore long socks and read craft books.

Is everyone done with their smaggling? How did you do?

Love Lady Smaggle



  1. super kawaii mama 14 years ago

    Okay, so my self indulgence is a little different to the list as I am working it around two babies. But here’s what I did:
    Had a whole Easter Egg all to myself.
    Tried out some new hair do’s.
    Slept in the sunshine in the afternoon.

    Not a long list, but pleasant none the less. I’ll be going all out in two weeks when my Mother in Law comes to stay and look after the babies. Look out VISA card!

  2. Natasha 14 years ago

    What a sweet list of things to do! It sounds like you had a lovely time.

  3. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Super Mama – Oh sleeping in the sunshine! I should totally add that to the list…

    Natasha – I certainly did have a lovely time. It was more to keep myself occupied while Mr Smaggle was away but it certainly is lovely to have him back!

    Hailey – Why thank you! I love this colour it’s really peachy and bronzy in real life. My facial did slightly yucky things to my face but hopefully it come good… soon!

    Nicole – Oh frisbee! I love random things like that. Mr Smaggle and I went for a walk last night before we ate dinner and we skipped for a while. It was super fun and majorly tiring!

  4. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Nicole – Oh and happy birthday for this weekend! How old are you turning?

  5. Hailey 14 years ago

    lovely nails! I also did the facial – so I did 3 woohoo.

  6. Nicole 14 years ago

    In addition to the walk and Starbucks date I mentioned before, I also had a dinner date with my boyfriend (Indian), and instead of having a picnic we played frisbee. Three days in a row. And this Friday is my birthday, so this upcoming weekend can be full of really Smaggling myself silly!!

  7. Nicole 14 years ago

    Awe thank you! On Friday I’ll be the grand ol’ age of twenty. Hahaha, a little uneventful but I’m determined to have a good time!!

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