Smaggle Yourself This Weekend!

Smaggle Yourself This Weekend!
Carly Jacobs

I have had one day off in the past twelve days and I have been up late most nights this week so I’m feeling a little run down today, but I have a three day weekend coming up so I’ve decided that it’s time to smaggle myself! Here’s a list of delicious things you can do this weekend to remind yourself that you love… yourself.

* Have a bath, wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe, put on a DVD and give yourself a manicure. I’m talking buffing, polishing, cuticle snipping, bottom coat and top coat. And drink some peppermint tea.

* Pack yourself a delicious lunch, buy your favourite magazine and have a solo picnic. Go for a walk outside (Shock! Horror!) and breathe in some fresh air.

* Buy yourself some flowers and put them near your bed.

* Go and have a cup of tea with a friend. I read in a magazine recently that women tend not to spend time with their friends unless they have a specific problem to talk to them about. What bollocks! Make some cupcakes, put them in a basket, slick on some lippy and trot over to your girlfriend’s house for a lovely afternoon tea.

* Get all dressed up in a pretty frock and heels, get yourself a massive ice cream cone and wander around the mall like Holly Golightly.

* Give yourself a facial. Buy those little mask sachets and intensive moisturisers and go nuts with facial beauty!

* Pick some fresh flowers and wear them in your hair.

* Go on a good old fashioned movie and dinner date with your loved one or gal pal.

Alright ladies – I challenge you to complete at least 3 things on the list this weekend. That’s right. And I expect a full report on your self indulgence on Monday. Print off the list and give it a go! I plan on doing ALL EIGHT OF THEM!!!

I’ll keep you posted!

Love Lady Smaggle



  1. Alex 14 years ago

    Oh Lady Smaggle I envy you.
    My Weekend will now consist of:
    Friday-Have CT scan on broken or fractured wrist.
    Saturday-Compete in figure skating comp in a dress that makes me look half naked and pretend the wrist is finr and Im in no pain and channel the pain to add to my artistry, so I look sad, not in the need for strong pain medication.
    Monday-Get cast. I hope its pretty.
    Ill send you photos.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    I might use a facial mask just to be included.
    Smaggle fan to the extreme

  2. princessnaea 14 years ago

    I guess I’m already doing the ‘cup of tea with a friend’ thing, and I’m also going to a picnic Saturday. But I think I might just roll the bath/DVD/manicure and facial smaggles into one and lounge on the couch Saturday night. hmmm. I wonder if Death at a Funeral is out on DVD yet…

  3. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Alex – Oh come on! You can sqeeze some Smaggle in there! Paint your cast! I hope your wrist isn’t broken by the way. That would seriously suck.

    Na – I hope you’re Smaggling yourself right now! Watching Death at a Funeral are we?

    Ivy – Well done! I can’t wait for a full update on Monday!

  4. Ivy 14 years ago

    I already bought flowers that are near my bed, am meeting a friend tonight (we always have tea) cos I can, not for a D&M; and I think I might do the bath thing Sunday night – yay! I’m Smaggle-icious 🙂

  5. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Sneaux – Welcome! And well done! And just quietly you can also exchange a honey for a girlfriend and vice versa. In my world they are highly interchangable.

  6. Sneaux 14 years ago

    Hi – I just recently started reading your blog. It’s totally fun! 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that without trying I:
    * Went to dinner with my Honey
    * Gave myself a facial
    * Packed myself a picnic lunch (ate it in the parking lot of a ski resort)
    * Had a nice hot bath, wrapped myself in a robe and watched a DVD (but with my honey – not alone or with girlfriends).

    So I think I did okay this weekend!

    Keep up the fab blogging!

  7. Judy-May 11 years ago

    As a newbie to your blog I like to search certain terms, what a gem this one turned out to be. Thank you Lady Smaggle. 


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