Summer Lime Gelato Cocktail Recipe.

Summer Lime Gelato Cocktail Recipe.
Carly Jacobs


I went out for dinner on Friday night with the Smaggles and had one of the most simple and delicious cocktails I’ve ever tasted. I then sneakily recreated them the next night for my girlfriends for a balcony session. Here’s how I did it…

Ingredients (Makes 4)

Four scoops of lime gelato or sorbet
Four shots of gin
Juice of a whole lime

Whack it all in a blender and serve over ice with mint and lime slices.

The perfect summer tipple! This also works with lemon gelato and sorbet and I imagine it would be rather delicious with raspberry sorbet too.





  1. Dr Na 12 years ago

    So delicious – and so deadly. Drink with caution, ladies. 🙂

  2. Nina 12 years ago

    That sounds amazing!!!!!!! YUM. i’m so glad I’ve got a blender for our new place… 😉

  3. meaghan 12 years ago

    Oh god yes!! Sounds so good, I will have to try these 🙂

    • LadySmaggle 12 years ago

      Do! I’m making raspberry ones tonight to go with my summer pudding!

  4. Rachael 12 years ago

    Reading this made my mouth water. Too bad it’s four degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) where I live, and also too bad I’m at work!

  5. Ross 12 years ago

    If this is made with gin, then how come you’ve chosen a picture with Ketel One?

  6. Trace Lee McGee 12 years ago

    Caution – once you make these people will continue to ask for more, ensure sufficient ingredients are at hand at all times! Absolutely delicious – how did your raspberry ones turn out?

    • LadySmaggle 12 years ago

      Uber delicious. I’m try passionfruit next, with real passionfruit and passionfruit sorbet. I’m addicted.

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