9 Super Lovely Things To Do On The Weekend

Weekends are lovely but they can also be quite stressful.

There’s that euphoric feeling on Friday afternoon where you feel as if you’re about to drink champagne on a giant yacht in Monaco when really you’re just meeting a mate at the pub for a bottle of reasonably priced bottle of rosé (equally as exciting). Then there’s Saturday where you have that pressure to get shit done and you end up doing really weird things like dusting your blinds or sorting out your wardrobe. Then you swear you’re going to enjoy Sunday but you’re also kind of tired, so you end up just lumping around the house dreading the impending Monday. Welcome to weekend adulting.

I always find I have randomly lovely weekends whenever Mr Smaggle is away. It’s not like he’s a fun spoiler or anything but we couple pretty hard on the weekends. We do lots of house maintenance things and we often work quite a lot too. We take time to watch movies, go for walks and get coffee but we rarely do anything different or spontaneous. If I’m on my own for the weekend my first thought is ‘What mischief can I get up to?’.

things to do on the weekend

If you’ve got some free time with not much to do, here are some sweet things to do on the weekend…

Why don’t you?

1. Have fresh berries for dessert? With thick greek yogurt? Honey? Toasted slivered almonds sprinkled on top?

2. Spend an afternoon in your own backyard? Pack a little picnic snack with sweet treats, grab a blanket and spend a few hours doing absolutely nothing?

3. Wear super sexy underwear? Underneath your casual jeans and t-shirt? Grocery shopping or to the pub? Just to feel a bit spectacular?

4. Make bunting? Cut out some cute shapes in sweet coloured paper, thread them on some string? Hang your bunting near the door to welcome visitors?

things to do on the weekend

5. Freeze fruit and edible flower petals in ice cubes and serve your friends fancy sparkling water whenever they come over?

6. String some fairy lights up in your bedroom? Fill the space with scented candles? Crushed linen bedding? Fresh flowers? Make your sleeping space a true sanctuary?

7. Set aside 20 minutes to call a relative you love? Make a cup of tea and really stop to enjoy the conversation? Hot tip – arrange to have the phone call with your family member. Spontaneous and long phone calls aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

8. Go to a puppy park? Meet all your doggy friends?

9. Wear yellow? A headband? Bow tie? Nail polish?

What’s on your list of things to do this weekend? Anything special planned?

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  1. Lisa Adams 4 years ago

    What a lovely post to read this Friday. Thanks Carly 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 4 years ago

      You are very welcome – thanks for stopping by!


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