What To Wear In The Country

What To Wear In The Country
Carly Jacobs

t’s pretty obvious from the title of this post that I am indeed in the country. But I’m also kind of at the coast. I’m at Mr Smaggle’s family farm which is just a few hours outside Sydney. I need to be in Sydney next week for a bunch of meetings and things so Mr Smaggle and I thought we’d make use of the trip and go to visit Gloria, his grandma.


Gloria is awesome. She believes you should never drink tea without a sweet treat, she’s super fit and feisty and she’s a demon on the internet. When she sets the table, every dish and condiment has it’s own little tray to sit on and there’s always a table cloth. She also does that totally charming thing of setting out the cereal and toast in the morning when we come to stay so we can choose anything we like for breakfast. She’s fab.


Black coated jeans from Susan * Top from Religion Clothing * Obi belt from the Salvos * Shoes from Target * Sunglasses from Bailey Nelson * Cardigan from the Salvos – I bought it for $8 and it was the bargain of the century. It’s 100% cotton and wear it nearly every day. Fist bump for me right?

We come here quite regularly so I’ve become a master at packing. Here are my rules for getting dressed in the country.

Don’t even try to wear heels or pretty shoes. It’s just not a thing. Basic flats or boots every time.

Wear pants – I’m not normally a pants wearer but Mr Smaggle and his brother turn into lunatics at the family farm and I always end up have to climb a fence at some stage. Pants or jeans are definitely a go-er.

Dress in layers. There’s something about being in the country that makes the sun hotter and the shade cooler than in cities. I’m sure it’s just my imagination but still, it’s a thing. Do you know what I mean? Or am I just talking rubbish?

Also in case you didn’t see it this week, I will be logging off the internet for the entire weekend. That’s right – I’m turning my phone and wifi off on Friday night and I won’t be back until Sunday night (or Monday morning if I can make it!).


If you’re keen to do a digital detox with me this weekend all the details are here. I was very enthusiastic about it but now I’m starting to get nervous. Wish me luck!

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Do you go to the country much? What are your country living essentials?


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  1. As a farmers wife, I agree with all 3 points. I would add don’t wear anything that could get ruined easily. We have separate clothes (which we call paddock clothes) for doing stuff around the farm so that our regular clothes don’t get trashed. Also if you’re planning on visiting a farm for any length of time I really recommend getting either some gumboots or elastic sided leather boots. Between snakes, thistles and weeds, long grass, and rough ground, you will feel a lot safer.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      That’s what I was thinking! There’s lots of snakes around these parts! Eek! Thankfully it’s not too muddy or rainy – That can make everything so much dirtier and grimier!

  2. chrisatpb 6 years ago

    I would love to have a nana’s house in the country to visit. It always feels so genteel, peaceful and somehow has a wholesome feel. Enjoy your weekend detox lovely – see you on the other side! xx

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      It’s s lovely – the working vibe is amazing! See on Monday! If I survive! 🙂

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