Why Don’t You…?

Why Don’t You…?
Carly Jacobs

Dita Von Teese "Shades"


* Match your nail polish to your car? Fire engine red? Zippy silver?

* Ditch your everyday handbag and carry a beaded clutch during the day?

* Drink your coffee black?

* Wear rose tinted aviators? With peachy eyeshadow?

* Only use soft, white cotton sheets on your bed?

* Be perfectly groomed? Eyebrows plucked? Nails filed?

* Be calm? Move slowly? Don’t rush?

* Wear scarves in your hair? With hoop earrings? A la gypsy?

* Hang your jewellery around your house? On the door knobs? The head of your bead? Let your favourite pieces decorate your house when they aren’t decorating you?

* Never, ever feel guilty for buying books? Realise that knowledge has no price?

* Wear feature eye makeup AND lipstick? Break a major beauty rule and not give a toss?

Hope you’re all having a beautiful day… and if you aren’t… what can you do to change it?





  1. Alison 12 years ago

    I have to say I love this feature on your blog. So thoughtful and a way to take care of yourself. Thank you!

    • LadySmaggle 12 years ago

      You are welcome! This feature gets the least amount of comments but it’s uber popular. Bizarre! Thanks for commenting!

      • Alison 12 years ago

        I think after reading people are either thinking or acting on your suggestions. I need to try the scarf in my hair. I love the look on you and others. I have similar curls as you, but not nearly as thick.

  2. Nicole 12 years ago

    I love the one about never feeling guilty for buying books! I will keep that in mind for future. Being calm, moving slowly & not rushing has been my mantra now for a few weeks and it does make a difference 🙂

  3. Backstage 12 years ago

    I love the positive feeling of this post. Gonna scroll down your blog to find more! 🙂
    Really inspiring.



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