Why don’t you?

Why don’t you?
Carly Jacobs


Why don’t you…?

Go out for a decadent dinner?

On a Thursday night? Just because you can?

Wear pashminas instead of cardigans?

Drape them over your handbag when you aren’t wearing them?

Make yourself a big promise and write it down?

Promise to get a fantastic haircut? Promise to take yourself on a lady date? Promise to only spend time with people who delight you? Why don’t you follow through?

Read a really good horror book?

Keep that broken plate with the beautiful pattern?

Mount the pieces on your wall? Add to it as you have more kitchen slip ups?

Consider green?

Shoes? Handbag? Eyeshadow?

Make polka dot tights your ‘thing’ this winter?

Worn with wooly grey socks? And slouchy black boots?

Sit on your boyfriend’s lap?

Or hold your best friends hand? Walk around with your arm around your mum? Be effortlessly affectionate like you were when you were a teenager?





  1. Luinae McAnish 11 years ago

    Oooh, I love wearing pashmina’s. They can be scarves, headwraps, shawls, bag candy, belts, everything!

  2. Niki 11 years ago

    Nice timing, I AM going out for a decadent dinner tonight! (Although it’s for my birthday, not just because it’s Thursday.) Still! I liked the surreptitiousness of your post. x

  3. Niki 11 years ago

    Damn. I meant “serendiptious-ness” … and I call myself a writer!

  4. Poppy Gets a Life 11 years ago

    I love pashminas. And I feel like my recent bike purchase is the kind of “why not?” action that your post is calling for. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  5. Sarah 11 years ago

    these posts always give me shivers of happiness. thanks smaggle x

  6. Cherylgerbera 11 years ago

    oohh…. this post is really good. yes, we can do all those things just because we can. After all.. life is too short to be wasted.

    xoxo http://sourcherryandcurlchocolate.blogspot.com/

  7. Generic Jen B 11 years ago

    Just sat on the boy’s lap. He said “ow!” and I shuffled myself off to the adjoining cushion. We then toured cuteoverload. Phwoar!

  8. Fiona 11 years ago

    Lovely ideas 🙂

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