Why don’t you…?

Why don’t you…?
Carly Jacobs


Why don’t you…?

* Have tailored white shirts made?

* Consider a beautiful silk embroidered robe for an evening jacket?

* Use a sleek leather pencil case as the perfect clutch?

* Have a totem animal? Tiger? Eagle? Sparrow? Work it subtly into your wardrobe? An abstract print on a t-shirt? A tiny charm on a gold chain?

* Wear a toe ring on your middle finger? Just below your first knuckle?

* Consider shades of red wine? Grape? Burgundy?

* Wear your boyfriend’s watch? Belt? Blazer?

* Consider the utter sophistication of a boat necked, three quarter length sleeved fitted striped t-shirt? With red lips?

* Buy and wear white with abandon? Embrace the luxury of a one wear per wash piece?

* Buy handmade shoes? Whenever you can afford it?



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  1. Magatha May 11 years ago

    I laughed at your third idea… for years I’ve been using a gorgeous clutch as my pencil case for college

  2. Lita 11 years ago

    i’m genuinely gonna do the ring thing- never occurred to me to use a toe ring to make it work!

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