Why don’t you?

Why don’t you?
Carly Jacobs

Nadja Auermann

Thread your watch face on a ribbon?

Wear it tied around your wrist in big bow?

Wear a million shades of green?

Lime shoes? A mint dress? Emerald eyeliner?

Kiss a man’s bald head?

Ask him politely first?

Wear tailored navy shorts?

Red piping around the pockets?

Wear a faded denim shirt?

Belted casually over a maxi skirt? Strings of beads? Silver rings?

Consider a pixie cut?

Try a little gothic make up?

Smokey lined eyes? Matte bergundy lips? Ink coloured nails?

Love Smaggle

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  1. Silver Rings Craze 11 years ago

    Silver rings are generally classified as plain rings and these are stone less
    rings. There are lots of people who are into it. Please keep posting
    interesting information in here. And that image is really disturbing.

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