Why don’t you…?

Why don’t you…?
Carly Jacobs



* Have a piping hot shower and snuggle into bed? Nude?

* Eat simple food? Grainy bread? With pumpkin soup?

* Get a head massage? On your lunch break?

* Buy a thick night cream and slather it on your face and neck before bed?

* Sing? While walking home wearing your headphones?

* Buy a gorgeous new lip gloss? A deep grape? A peachy pink? Cherry?

* Drink strawberry milk?

* Have herbal tea today instead of your latte?

* Stand up straight?

* Share your shower with your lover? No kinky business just charming conversation?

* Stock up on tights for winter? Ballet pink? Cream cable knit? Grey merino?

* Suck on a boiled sweet right until the very end? Resist the temptation to crunch?

* Grab a handful of sea salt and some almond oil and give yourself a good scrub?

* Buy beautiful bath towels?

Have a beautiful day!




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  1. LaLa 11 years ago

    I think what I love most about these posts is that they remind me that sometimes the best things in life are so simple and inexpensive. 🙂

  2. Katie 11 years ago

    All these suggestions sound lovely Ms Smaggle! Off I go to inspect my tights collection… (I may be in a different hemisphere – but in Scotland it always pays to be tights-prepared).

  3. Generic Jen B 11 years ago

    Ha! Alas, snuggling nude after a bath in bed was one of my favorite things but since the earthquake in Sendai and the shaking we got from it in Tokyo, I don’t dare now!

  4. gabrielle.kelly 11 years ago

    Always love these posts Smag!

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