Why don’t you…?

Why don’t you…?
Carly Jacobs

purple shoes


Eat a croissant?

With strawberry jam?

Get a bunch of greenery from your local florist?

Have a giant forest of nothing but green leaves in the centre of your dining room table?

Buy a decadent candle?

Light it every evening after dinner as a treat?

Drink pink champagne?

From a tumbler?

Consider deep purple for winter?

Beret? Scarf? Suede gloves?

Go for a hike?

Pack crackers and camembert in a backpack? Find a green meadow and have a secluded picnic?

Buy new underwear?

Crisp white cotton? Cheeky boy leg stripes? Lace?

Do nothing?

Loll about in bed? Walk  around picking flowers? Just rest?

Hope you have beautiful weekends!







  1. Clare 11 years ago

    Great minds think alike – I started today with a croissant and jam! Felt a little bit decadent…but oh-so-delish! Have a happy weekend

  2. dr stumpy 11 years ago

    Totally on the last one. 5.03pm and still in my pjs (have had shower though)

  3. Wicked Ying 11 years ago

    I love that purple pointy shoes.. can’t stop staring at it…. :p

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