5 Super Cute Winter Date Ideas For People Who Need A Good Reason To Leave Their House

I get a bit stir crazy in winter. It’s 100% my favourite season but I still have to force myself to actually move between the months of June, July and August. It’s just so cold and all I want to do is snuggle on the couch under a blanket and crochet but that is very lazy and plus there are some super rad things going in winter that I’ll totally miss out on if I insist on prioritising my ugg-boots all the time. I like sitting still but I’m also completely fomo all the time so winter is an emotional rollercoaster for me. I honestly never regret kicking my own butt out the door though. As much as putting my jacket on and leaving the house seems like the most painful thing in the world when it’s 5 degrees outside, I always feel brighter and chirpier when I’ve made the effort to actually do a thing when I have spare winter evening.

A friend of mine has just started dating a new guy and they keep doing all these really cute things and I got super jello and decided to write a list of things I’d love to do this winter. Here’s my list of 5 awesome winter date ideas… feel free to issue me an invitation to any and all of them.

winter date ideas

1. Go on a ghost tour

Most cities have some kind of ghost tour and they’re an absolute hoot. They’re the perfect winter date idea because you can get hot chocolate to take away and snuggle into each other when it gets super scary. Ghost tours just aren’t as effective in summer when you’re walking around on a balmy evening in a TV shirt are they? You need to be able to see your own breath to get properly creeped out.  #romance #ghostsarehot

2. Eat Korean BBQ

You just can’t Korean BBQ in summer. It’s like hanging out in a meat sauna. Winter only vibe for Korean BBQ. No matter how cold it is outside, you’ll be super warm and toasty inside. Also interactive food is the best. Perfect for first dates and new relationships if you’re struggling to keep the conversation going. Trying to cook your own food together is an excellent awkward silence killer.

3. Go to a trivia night at your local pub

Open fires, hearty meals and a solid excuse to drink too many glasses of red wine on a weeknight? Let’s all go to the pub! Also great for newbie daters to keep the conversation rolling or for long-term lovers to test their skills. Trivia is always good for a laugh and pubs in winter are one of life’s greatest pleasures.

4. Bundle up, grab a takeaway coffee and go for a walk

Rug yourself up in your snuggliest jacket and scarf, shove your icy little hands into some warm gloves, grab a takeaway coffee and go for a walk. I can highly recommend the beach for lovely winter walks. I’m not a beach person but I love beaches in winter. Cute country towns are also lovely in winter, strolling down the main street, popping into all the cute shops. Heaven!

5. Visit a museum or art gallery

I never really go to art galleries unless there’s a particular thing I want to see which is silly because they exist all the time and most of them have amazing (and free!) permanent collections. If it’s been a while since you supported your cities art gallery, grab your cutie and get down there this weekend.

These don’t even have to be ‘date’ dates. Grab a girlfriend, a mate, your mum or your favourite cousin. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to hibernate for three months. Get out there, kids!

What’s your favourite winter date? Do you even go on dates regularly?

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  1. Missy D 2 years ago

    Great ideas, and now I’m hungry for Korean BBQ…

    We often do little dates, often to the Planetarium or we take a walk after dinner to get Gelato. Sometimes we go for a drive up to the Sunshine Coast hinterland and have tea and scones at a tea house. 🙂

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