Winter Style Tips – En Pointe.

Winter Style Tips – En Pointe.
Carly Jacobs

I’m a shocker. Every winter I refer back to my standard ballet-style wardrobe. It’s such a simple and beautiful way to keep warm.


* Dark denim jeans with a roll neck mohair sweater and black ballet flats.

* Grey, loose fitting, over-the-knee socks worn with ballet tights and a bandage skirt.

* A sleek bun in your hair, simple hoop earrings and a knotted, fringed scarf.

* Anything that wraps.

* Minimal make-up. A touch of light foundation, a swipe of lip tint and a tiny dab of blush. Nothing else.

* Exposing one shoulder.

* Giant knits with long sleeves.

* Blush, cream and the palest of pink.

* Head bands.

* Opaque tights and mary janes.

* French manicures.

What about you? Do you have a fall back winter style that you drag out when the temperature drops?

Oh and this post is for one of my readers, Nadist. She’s a ballet teacher from New Zealand! xxx

Images via Felecia Dunson at Pinterest.



  1. Nessbow 10 years ago

    I watched Flashdance for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it made me long to wear loose, floppy jumpers and leotards.

    I tend to wear a lot of vintage styles in winter, particularly 50’s gamine and bombshell looks and also 60’s mod outfits. 

  2. Nadine Armiger 10 years ago

    I’m so honoured! Thank you, beautiful! Lovely style tips, and I have at least half these pictures on my Pinterest board.  😉

  3. Ali 10 years ago

    in winter I tend to fall back on a very mod/schoolgirl kind of look. thick tights, short skirt and woollen v-neck jumpers. I have a lot of nice wool coats too but lately I can’t stop wearing my dad’s old duffel coat that I altered to fit me! I’ve also been wearing the same pair of black leather mary-janes every day for about the last month!

  4. Louise C 10 years ago

    I always loved the wrap-around cardigans that ballet dancers wear. Flattering and easy to layer, and super cute!


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