Weekly Style Report: Wrap cardigans, Aviators and Leather Boots.

Weekly Style Report: Wrap cardigans, Aviators and Leather Boots.
Carly Jacobs

I tell you what Smagglets, I have been boring as bat shit this week. I’ve been working like a mad woman (this time of year is heinous for freelancing work but I have to take advantage of it to prepare for the Christmas slump!) and just slowly getting my act together after being really unwell for most of winter. I’ve been doing the Kim Beach No Excuses Program and it’s pretty bloody good. I couldn’t keep up the exercise because I was unwell but I’ve been sticking (almost perfectly) to the diet and it’s going really well. I’m down about 3 kgs since starting 4 weeks ago which isn’t too shabby and it’s reminded me how much better I feel when I eat mostly vegetables and protein. I haven’t been tracking my progress as diligently as I should have been but I’m planning on starting again from the beginning when life quiets down a little. More on that later… here’s this weeks outfits.

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 Dress from Country Road circa 2009

Wrap cardigan from Zhai 

Tights from Big W 

Frye Boots from Amazon

Sunglasses from Randolph

Worn for…

Blog post writing and social media ninja-ing. Then we went for a drive and I got to experience my long-awaited rite of passage as a professional writer. I bought my first (second-hand) Herman Miller chair. I’m sitting in it right now and sweet baby cheeses, it’s like being hugged by a friendly and tender giant every time I sit down. I’ve been writing from an imitation Phillip Starck Ghost Chair for the past 2 years and I can’t believe I was that mean to myself. My back and shoulders are loving me sick right now.

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 Jeans from Witchery (shock horror! I VERY occasionally wear pants… don’t tell anyone!)

White linen top thrifted from Savers

Bamboo Wrap Cardigan from Sha-de

Flats from Style Tread

Worn for…

A day in St Kilda having a few meetings and a sneaky afternoon walk along the pier where I may or may not have purchased a Golden Gaytime (don’t tell Kim! Shhhh!) and enjoyed every damn mouthful.

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 Dress from Boom Shankar

Wrap Cardigan from Zhai

Tights from Big W

Boots from Merchant

Worn for…

A few meetings, some writing and filming some Silly Things for A Bus (I’m ALMOST at goal so be quick if you want to sponsor your own silly thing!!!). Also worn for a business meeting that turned onto many glasses of red wine and a generally awesome afternoon and an impromptu late night evening of playing cards with my bestie and her fiancé. I love it when regular old days turn out to be unexpectedly amazing.

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So tell me… what are you wearing today? Not in a creepy way, I’m just genuinely asking.


  1. Anna 8 years ago

    I didn’t de-lurk last week (sorry!) but need to confess to the Internet that today I had a gym bag packing incident which resulted in my going braless at work all day. Red and white print dress, cardi stayed on all day, and no bra. Real classy.

    • Jamie 8 years ago

      LOL! I just spent the summer doing a 3x/week morning boot camp class before work, and all summer long I’d be in the middle of class and suddenly become convinced that I forgot my bra or my pants or something. I never did, thank goodness, but wow. Horrors. Glad you could keep relatively covered up! 😉

      • Author
        Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

        I have rather modest breasticles so while it would be uncomfortable, it would be THAT big a deal. If I’m wearing a firm enough dress I sometimes go sans bra on purpose! So naughty!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      That is the best comment ever… at least this week. I’m going to get super personal here… do you have big boobs? This will be a whole lot more hilarious if you’re packing DDs. 🙂

      • Anna 8 years ago

        Very delayed response sorry! I’m a modest C cup so wasn’t getting too jiggly with it. I’m usually an over sharer but only told one colleague (to console her for feeling silly for forgetting her laptop). Otherwise I don’t think anyone noticed!

  2. alexricia 8 years ago

    Have just returned from taking the dog for a walk and getting myself a coffee so I am wearing super styling Kmart tank and tights with a pair of Nikes. Do not worry though – saved the whole outfit with my Coach sunnies.

  3. reclaimingyourfuture 8 years ago

    Sweatpants and a hoodie and I’m rocking the ‘messy house look!’ 😀 I’m currently confined to the couch with a sprained ankle after paragliding at the weekend – as you do 😉

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      Oh no! That’s the worst! I hope you’re okay???

      • reclaimingyourfuture 8 years ago

        Considering I thought I’d broken it when we first landed I’ll take a sprain! I can still hobble to the chocolate so I’ll call that a win! 😉

  4. Liz @ I Spy Plum Pie 8 years ago

    You’re wearing pants! I love that wrap you’re wearing with them, amazing colour.
    I’ve taken today’s Fox in Flats dare prompt (nautical) rather literally and I’m wearing a blue & white striped dress with a red belt. I looked a little out of place this morning at a function full of developers in suits, but then I always look out of place at those things so why not go all out!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      I know right??? It happens so rarely, I need photographic evidence! 🙂
      I always think stripes are classy! Very French.

  5. I’m back at work today and wearing a leopard print shirt (of course) under a black pinafore style dress with black tights and ankle boots. Funny how I wear so much colour when I’m on hols and then revert back to mostly black when I’m back at work…
    PS: you’re looking fab as ever! x

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 years ago

      Thank you darling! I hardly ever wear colour but then I look at my pics this week I’m like ‘Whaaaat?’. Oh and Happy 30th darling girl!

  6. Karli 8 years ago

    Are they the Witchery Ink jeans? I LOVE mine and find jeans really tricky to buy


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