The 13 Piece Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Day 4

The 13 Piece Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Day 4
Carly Jacobs

ay 4 of the capsule wardrobe challenge! This dress is the opposite of a challenge though. I bought it about 2 or 3 years ago now and it was on sale from $400 to $280. That’s still a decent amount of money for a dress and I didn’t spend it lightly. I thought about buying this dress for AGES before I bought it and when I finally did, I knew it was an amazing decision. I’ve probably worn it twice a week since I bought it. My only regret is that they didn’t make this style (that I know of!) in any other colours, otherwise I would have snapped them up in a heart beat.

If you’re not familiar with my capsule wardrobe challenge here’s where I’m up to so far.

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Basically, I’m travelling around for a few months and these are the only items I packed with me.

capsule wardrobe

1. White cotton dress from Cos

2. Black organic cotton dress from Gorman

3. Striped cotton dress from Muji 

4. Patterned dress from Marimekko 

5. Oversized cotton cardigan from Vinnies

6. Nude ballet flats from Merrell

7. Sandals from Toms

8. Leather boots from Ecco

9. Cotton scarf from Sportsgirl 

10. Warm wrap (hand crocheted by me – learn to make your own!)

11. Black opaque tights

12. Grey knit tights

13. Down jacket from Muji 

capsule wardrobe


4 (patterned dress) + 7 (comfy sandals) 

It was a muggy day at the coast on the day I wore this but the long sleeves kept me warm in the afternoon when the temperature dropped a bit. These sandals are the actual bomb. I had a leopard print pair I wore until they fell apart (literally the sole snapped in half and one of the straps fell off!) and I tried to live without them but I just couldn’t. They had about 30 colours in this style when they were first released but all they had left was red by the time I re-ordered but I’m kind of digging the red. I feel like red shoes go with everything. Don’t you think?

capsule wardrobe


Oh I also got my hair cut again. I had it cut not that long ago but I haven’t been hugely stoked with my hairdresser recently. I keep leaving feeling like I’ve had half a hair cut. You know when you’re at the hairdresser and they’re like ‘Done!’ and you’re sitting there thinking ‘Really?’. I can’t even really say what else I want done, it just never feels quite finished.

So my new hair dresser is in Sydney and I found her through a bar tender at a bar down the road from me in Melbourne. This lady had AMAZING hair and gave me this hairdressers number and I have to say I’m pretty pleased. She even did some highlights that I’m stoked about. She had this fancy new bleach that you kind of paint on and it’s very freestyle. Much quicker and less sharp looking than regular foils. I’m digging it. I’ll definitely be back. Also just because she has two rag doll cats that are the snuggliest little dickheads you’ve ever met. I could have walked out looking like 2007 Britney and I still would have gone back just for a cuddle with those gorgeous little babies.

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Do you have a regular hairdresser? Or do you mix it up? Have you ever asked a stranger for their hairdresser details?


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  1. Amanda Giglia 5 months ago

    Have you tried Neel Loves Curls in Brunswick? They are INCREDIBLE. Best haircut of my entire life walking out of there! I book in as soon as I know I’m going to be in Melbourne (they usually book out 4-6 months in advance, but it is sooo worth it).

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 months ago

      I have and honestly, I didn’t rate him. I know a lot of people swear by him though! 🙂

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