Organisation Hacks: How The Word Scrotum Saves Me Time At Work

Organisation Hacks: How The Word Scrotum Saves Me Time At Work
Carly Jacobs

added this to my rotation of weird organisation hacks a few years ago. While I technically work for myself, I do work for lots of clients so I tend to jump around about ten different projects each day. For example I might have to re-jig a sponsored post for a client, go over a brief for a social media campaign with a brand, write an article for Secret Blogger’s Business and do some stitch count work on a pattern for Crochet Coach.

I have a pretty top notch filing system but it’s a bit of a waste of time to click through a dozen layers of folders every time I need to access something. This is why I always turn to the search function on my Mac.

The issue with this system is how often I use the same words. For instance everything I write for editing Secret Bloggers’ Business magazine has words I use often like ‘blogger’ and ‘business’. I even use ‘secret’ more often than I thought I would, so I end up sifting through quite a lot of stuff.

So many years ago, I developed a system where every time I write something for SBB I put the word ‘scrotum’ in the title. So whenever I need to search for something for Kate I just type ‘scrotum’ into the search function and boom – there’s a list of only the work I’ve done for Kate.

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It’s super effective and also fucking hilarious. Clearly ‘scrotum’ isn’t going to be effective for everyone but here are some words that might work for you.









Just allocate a unique code word to each person or project for easy search-ability. If you’re a numbers person you could attach number codes to the titles. Anything that you’ll remember and anything you don’t use often! Also be careful if you’re using a rude word. Kate and I only share files between us so ‘scrotum’ is fine but it might not be the best thing to send to your boss FYI.

Oh also today is podcast day! I usually write a blog post based around this weeks topic but I accidentally wrote about this week’s topic last week so now I’m totally confused. This week I’m pretty sure we’re talking about comparing yourself to other people and last week we spoke about focussing. You can listen to both episodes here.


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Do you have any weird or rude hacks? Any involving scrotums?


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  1. Deb Hatton 11 months ago

    Hahahaha this is actually brilliant! I’ll be incorporating the scrotum method ASAP (a sentence I never thought I’d type).

  2. Rebekah Jaunty 11 months ago


  3. Missy D 11 months ago

    Hahaha, this is gold. I still work in a filing system but I think you’re onto something here!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 11 months ago

      I’d love for it to go mainstream. Imagine Google using the Scrotum System.

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