Photo A Day June – Part Five

Photo A Day June – Part Five
Carly Jacobs

Where I Shop

#photoadayjune Where I shop. Metalicus addict. I have spent 100s (possibly 1000s) of $ there and have never once regretted a purchase. #metalicus


#photoadayjune Bathroom... At the Chateau de Jacriox. It's bullshit french for the House of Jacobs, what I calls my parents place.

On The Shelf

My favourite tea in the world.

#photoadayjune on the shelf. My favourite tea.

A Friend

This is my mate Az and I’ve known him since I was 18. We both moved house at the same time and simultaneously unearthed a hilarious back log of ten years worth of photos in most of which we are posing in one of these two positions.

#photoadayjune a friend... My mate Az. Ten years of the same two poses. We're obviously very creative.


In bed before midnight on a Saturday night.

#photoadayjune soft. In bed before midnight on a Saturday.

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  1. Great photos!Looks really amazing!
    Sounds like a wonderful day!

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