10 Essential Productivity Posts To Read This Weekend

10 Essential Productivity Posts To Read This Weekend
Carly Jacobs

taught a blogging workshop this week in Canberra (it was ACE thanks for asking!) and one of the tips I gave my students was not to hide their killer content. I’ve been a naughty little sausage and I’ve allowed some of my most useful articles to get buried in my archives. So to set you guys up for an awesome weekend I thought I’d pop together a few articles that might inspire you to have a weekend of sorting, organising and taking care of yourself. Grab a cup of coffee and a biscuit (you know you want to) and have a cruise through some of my top productivity posts.

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1. 29 of The Best Bedroom DIYs and Projects – In case you feel like doing some home improvements this weekend.

2. How To Have The Perfect Nap – A weekend isn’t really a weekend without an afternoon snooze.

3. The Secret to Surviving a Hangover – If you overdid it a little bit on Friday night… and Saturday night… and Sunday afternoon…

4. How to Function When You’re Completely Exhausted – If you’ve had a killer week and you have a crazy busy weekend ahead of you.

5. What To Do With All Your Random Crap – Just in case you decide to get all sorty this weekend.

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yellow flowers

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6. How To Manage Your Floordrobe – Learn the Smaggle method and you’ll never struggle with a floordrobe again.

7. How To Get Other People’s Shit Out Of Your House – Another good one if you’re in the mood for a spring clean.

8. How To Be More Productive – This one will get you super inspired for a productive week ahead.

9. How to Throw Things Away Like a God Damn Grown Up – Perfect for those people who struggle with throwing things away.

10. How To Beat The Sunday Night Blues – Save this one for when the weekend is almost over to stop you getting the Sunday Night Sads.

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What are you up to this weekend? Fancy plans? Quiet one?


  1. Tahlia Meredith 5 years ago

    Awesome round up! Quiet weekend for me – my boyfriend will be spending most of the weekend at PAX (a massive gamer convention) so I’m going to use the quiet home time to catch up and get ahead on a few things 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      I LOVE weekends at home. I managed to steal a solo morning today and it was awesome!

  2. Bookmarking this for some reading tonight!!
    My little brother is coming to stay with us for the weekend, but I think mostly to play video games with my husband!! We also have my little 6 year old niece’s birthday lunch. Should be a good weekend!
    (And the blogging workshop was super ace! Thanks for gracing Canberra with your presence!)

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Oh yay! I’m so glad you liked it. It was so much fun. I’ll definitely be doing it again! 🙂 Hope your weekend was gorgeous!

  3. I need to read #7 to get my in-laws to move their furniture we’ve been storing for them while they built their extension. Extension’s done. Take your shit back. Please.
    I’m excited because this weekend I get my very first ever Big Girl Camera (DSLR in grown up speak) AND I’m getting my hair done – woo hoo!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      AH! That’s so exciting! I’ve been wanting my own camera for ages… Mr Smaggle and I are currently sharing but he’s a bit greedy! You’re so lucky!

  4. chrisatpbe 5 years ago

    Will be attending my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday dinosaur party tomorrow. I am in charge of guacamole – that is all. Excellent. x

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Sounds like a perfect weekend! I just had avocado on toast for lunch… they’re bloody delicious at the moment!

  5. Alyson 5 years ago

    It was indeed Ace to learn from you this week! I’m still working through the list I wrote at the workshop but coincidentally, I also need to work on the floordrobe and the productivity/exhaustion episodes 🙂 starting with that nap!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Oh you need to have a clear floor before you can get anything done. That’s essential! 🙂

  6. merilyn 5 years ago

    lots of really good tips here thanks smags!
    organization not being my strong point … I’ve tried to work on it to no avail;0
    anyhoo I am sorting my studio at the moment … way too much stuff in there!
    those bits and bobs are all part of my recycling story as an artist installations and assemblages!
    my excuse and I’m sticking to it! … lots of other productivity to work on! now for that nap!!! lol m:)X

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Ha! Everyone was super keen on the nap idea! 🙂


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