My Top 5 Not-Negotiables That Stop Me From Stabbing Everyone

My Top 5 Not-Negotiables That Stop Me From Stabbing Everyone
Carly Jacobs

t’s a funny thing learning how your body works. You’re with it for a very long time. I try to pay attention to the way my body feels and make adjustments for that. For example I have to drink a lot of water or I get a headache. It took me a frighteningly long time to figure this out but if you sit very still and focus on how you’re feeling, sometimes you actually feel quite rubbish and you didn’t even notice. It might be that you didn’t move enough today, you had a rubbish night sleep the night before or you just haven’t been on your game health wise lately.

It really helps having a list of not-negotiables that you do every day to keep yourself feeling good. They’ll differ for every one as every one needs different things but these are mine…

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1. I must spend quality time with Mr Smaggle

We work side by side most of the time and we obviously live together so it can be easy to just work, eat and sleep without properly seeing each other. We always make sure to go for a walk, cook to dinner together, snuggle on the couch and tell each other about our days. It’s absolutely essential. Even if we just pop to the supermarket together on our lunch break or go and grab coffees. We’ll leave our phones at home and just chat. It’s very lovely.

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2. I must raise my heart rate

Every single day. It’s an absolute must. I generally do F45 or some kind of formal exercise every week day and I make sure I do a big walk or hike on the weekends. My mood and productivity is totally reliant on it. I have pretty top notch self esteem but I really hate myself if I have a day where exercise didn’t happen and it’s not out of guilt, it’s because I didn’t get my lovely hit of dopamine and serotonin. I also just can’t sleep unless I’ve done my 10,000 steps so it’s not even worth skipping this.

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3. I must crochet for at least an hour in front of a TV show I love

I get so sad if I don’t have time to crochet. It doesn’t matter if it’s work or pleasure crochet but I need to sit quietly with my hook and yarn and listen to a good TV show. It just brings my manic pace to a stand still and I get to exist quietly for a moment. I can’t stress how amazing crochet is for people who suck at relaxing. It’s the best active relaxation ever.

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4. I must have at least 2 cups of tea every day

Quite randomly I can live without coffee – I’m a peer-pressure coffee drinker. I honestly won’t think to drink to coffee unless I’m REALLY tired or someone else is drinking coffee but I need tea. When Mr Smaggle and I went to America we were shocked at how hard it was to get a kettle to make a damn cup of tea. We weren’t even that outraged for ourselves, we felt we need to educate Americans on this foible. How do they finished their evenings without a cup of tea? What do they drink in the afternoon with their 3pm snack? I just… can’t.

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5. I must eat at least 3 cups of green things

My body is not happy with me if I don’t do this. I pretty much add a handful of something green to everything I eat or I serve most things on a handful spinach or some spiralled zucchini. I feel sluggish and like my food isn’t digesting properly without my green things.

Alos today is podcast day! Here’s today’s episode. I’ve given up on trying to figure out which episode is going live. It will say it in the box below. Just figure it out okay? GOSH!

What are you daily must-dos? A cuddle with your puppy? Water with lemon in the morning? Chatting with your kids?

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What things do you absolutely have to do every single day?


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  1. Linda 3 years ago

    I really love the title of this piece! You have a lovely way with words. ?? My list is a bit boring and revolves around getting enough sleep, tidying my house at night and planning meals. Gretchen Rubin’s “outer order creates inner calm” was a light bulb moment for me.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 3 years ago

      Ha thank you! I totally agree on the Gretchen Rubin thing. Outer order is so my bag.

  2. Treena 3 years ago

    These are my everyday things that if I miss I feel off kilter:
    Make the beds
    Have a clean kitchen before relaxing at night
    Read something that teaches me something
    Ring my mum
    Tea first thing, coffee later in the morning.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 3 years ago

      Yes to the clean kitchen! So hard! I have several cups of tea every day.

  3. Zed 3 years ago

    I love this list! It makes sense when you write it all out. Sadly I don’t have a list like that. My routine is just all over the place at the moment and I probably don’t listen to my body as much as I should, sometimes it’s the last thing on my mind. One thing I am trying to get better at is meditating.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 3 years ago

      I’ve tried meditating but it’s not my thing! It’s a great daily practice to have though particularly if you don’t have any other routines!


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