How To Work Harder and Faster (And Get More Shit Done)

How To Work Harder and Faster (And Get More Shit Done)
Carly Jacobs

There’s a lot to be said for taking your time and getting the job done right but I do feel like lots of people, myself included, can be in danger of taking this a little bit too far. Some times we work at a positively leisurely pace, which means we end up not getting enough work done, which results in staying back well after we should have left the office. This leads to skipping gym sessions, eating unhealthy but quick and easy food and cancelling important social plans which could have been avoided if we had just worked efficiently in the first place. Here’s how to work harder and faster… and consequently get more shit done.

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Pretend that your day finishes at lunch time

Time is like money. If you have a lot, you tend to spend a lot. Why not drastically limit the amount of time you have to complete your tasks? If you have the time, you’ll naturally fill it. Give yourself a deadline of lunchtime to get everything done and book something else in so you don’t have a choice but to get your work done. I do this on weekends when I have big posts to shoot. I’ll book in dinner with a friend so I have to limit how much time I have to spend on the task. Give yourself a hard deadline so you can’t break it. You’ll plough through your work, guaranteed.

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Give yourself a 2 minute decision making deadline

Decisions should take 2 minutes at an absolute maximum. Deciding on what colour shoes to buy, choosing what restaurant to eat at, booking a hotel for your weekend away – you’ve now got 2 minutes to decide. Just make a decision and go with it. A weekend away is not going to be any better because you spent four days researching accommodation. Google it, pick a place with a good rating and book the damn thing. Same goes with lunch. Wandering around for 15 minutes trying to figure out what you feel like for lunch is a total waste of time. Make a decision and eat the food. Boom. Same goes with trying to figure out what to make for dinner or what to wear to that party. It’s not going to be the last dinner you ever have and it won’t be the last party either. Just get on with it. 2 minute decisions. Go.

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Focus only on today

Have you seen Rent? There’s an amazingly cheesy song in it that I love called No Day But Today and I love it because it’s accidentally very poignant. There is literally no day but today. It’s an incredibly simplistic song about dying of aids but the lyrics totally support my point. It’s always today because by the time tomorrow rocks up it’s today again… do you see what I mean? The only day you have is this one so don’t be freaking out about tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Focus on what needs doing today and do that. If you work the hardest you can, in the shortest amount of time, you will always have time to do something awesome in the day. Guaranteed.

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Do you struggle keeping up momentum when you’re working? Are you guilty of sometimes not working to your full capacity?


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  1. Fiona Adler 9 months ago

    Love this article Carly! Finish by lunch time will be my mantra from now on. I have even more of an incentive to get it done as lunch is my first meal! That way I can do the more pleasant (faffing about things) in the afternoon.
    Love the 2 minute decisions. For things I’m having trouble starting, I always try to “just do 10 minutes”. By then I find I’ve got through the hard bit and I’m happy to continue.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 months ago

      So glad you enjoyed it! I’m currently doing that now – just about to get on a flight and have to get all my stuff done before then!

  2. Missy D 8 months ago

    I’m totally deadline driven. The less time I have the better and more efficient I am at getting things done. If I have all day/week/month I will do nothing with that time until the last minute.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 8 months ago

      Me too! I’m okay with planning ahead as well. Like if I have to travel, my deadline will be getting on the plane and I’m pretty okay at sticking to self determined deadlines.

  3. The Lux Review 8 months ago

    LoL! I ABSOLUTELY take 4 days and 120 tabs (literally) to choose a hotel when i travel. I need to make sure they have a great breakfast, first and foremost, and then i have to look at location, reviews, and the way the room looks. reading take 2 minutes gave me anxiety but i definitely need to do better haha.

    But honestly these are great tips. I thought i had pretty good time management skills but that “make your day end at noon and book something after” is genius! Im going to implement that.

    I love the focusing on today point. I do tend to think too much in general and it causes problems because you are thinking about issues or ANYTHING that could happen tomorrow. The reality is that it probably wont go wrong so you worried for nothing 🙂 worrying never helps any situation, it actually tends to make it worse. So that is something i will work on as well.

    this was great! Thanks for the post


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