4 Things to Avoid Today…

4 Things to Avoid Today…
Carly Jacobs

* Doing weights at the gym without adjusting the intensity to allow for the fact that you’ve done sweet F.A for three weeks. I have been walking around like I have had the shag from hell all weekend.

* Putting off doing your washing. Especially your gym clothes. Because if you don’t, cockroaches come along and live in them. True story.

* Doing number 2’s in public toilets. Especially of you’ve had curry. Extra especially if it was Vindaloo. It’s not nice for the next person to use the toilet. Meaning me.

* Getting too excited about the warm weather. Mother Nature is a vindictive bitch. Yesterday I was sweltering in a summer dress. Today I am freezing in a cardigan. My life sucks.

Love Lady Smaggle xxx


  1. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Ha ha yes! I am in Australia living in Melbourne’s loser-ish younger brother city of Canberra. But I promise I’m a Melbourne gal at heart. I must have lived there in a past life…

  2. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Mr Squiggle – I do apologise for any offense I may have caused you and your fellow Canberra dwellers. I was merely using self deprication as a form of humour. If you read between the lines you will see I was actually comparing Canberra to Melbourne. I do believe the cities are quite similar and Canberra is just the younger and less experienced one. And Lady will be here for a little while yet…

  3. Natasja 14 years ago

    HAHAHHAAH you’re hilarious.
    yeah the weather sucks in Melbourne. no idea where you are but i’m guessing Australia due to the cockroaches and stuff too?!


  4. Mr. Squiggle 14 years ago

    Lady Smaggle! I must say I’m rather shocked at your Canberra bashing. You have descended a little towards the masses who rely on furthering stereotypical views because they either do not know how to appreciate elegance and design in a city or are using excuses for their own inadequacies. Fortunately these people usually do not live in Canberra which will no doubt let it mature with some of Melbourne’s grace as it approaches half that age! That being said, lets hope Ms. Smaggle changes her opinions and stays!

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