Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials
Carly Jacobs

I have received so many emails from lovely readers asking me about my beauty routine. I’ve resisted doing a post on this because I think it’s really boring but it’s one of the things I love reading about the most on other blogs, being the perverted voyer that I am, and I assume the same goes for my whacky readers. So here goes… A visual diary of a day in the life Lady Smaggle’s bod…

8 am 


Brush teeth – Close Up is the BEST. 

8.01 am


Floss – Colgate non-fancy floss hurts the least. It’s nice and thin and doesn’t feel like you’re jamming knitting wool in between your teeth. 

8.02 am 


Mouth wash – Listerine is the bomb. Literally. I truly believe that Listerine stops me getting sick during winter. 

8.04 am


CG  Tinted moisturiser in Light – I have been using this everyday since I was sixteen. I’m all about sheer coverage. 

8.06 am 


CG  Mineral One Minute Make Up Powder – This is a recent addition to my routine and it stops that nasty nose shine that I’m prone to develop through out the day. 

8.08 am


Stila Eyeshadow duo in Bohemian – I actually received this as a freebie from Mecca Cosmetica and I LOVE it. Peachy pink tones on my eyes just seem to work for some reason. Go figure. 

8.09 am

Eye Definer


Bloom Eye definer in Black – This eyeliner is amazing. I challenge any company to send me their eyeliner and make me love it more than this. I dare you. 

8.10 am


Cult mascara Maybeline Great Lash Mascara – I try other brands but I keep coming to back to Great Lash. I just can’t find anything better. 

8.11 am 


Cedel hairspray – Yes. I actually use this. It’s fabulous. 

12 midday


Aquim hand sanitiser gel – By midday my hands are either covered in snot if I’m teaching or acid if I’m making jewellery so Aquim is fast becoming a favourite product. I’m a heart beat away from carrying it in my handbag.

12.02 pm


Vaseline Intensive Care lotion – Daddy Smaggle is a plumber and for as long as I can remember there has been a pump bottle of this on our coffee table and I have to say that, considering his profession, Daddy Smaggle has some of the finest baby smooth hands that I have ever seen on a middle-aged man. I now have a pump bottle on my coffee table. 

10 pm 


Dove Body Moisteriser – This goes all over my body and then I wrap myself in my bathrobe while it absorbs. Delish!

10.05 pm


Nivea Fresh Deodourant – I LOVE this but it’s pretty expensive for deodorant so most of the time I buy Pink Mum in the spray bottle. 

10.06 pm


Olay night cream – Mamma Smaggle has been moisturising every night and day since she was thirteen and now she barely looks a day older than that. She’s not much of a make-up wearer but if there is one beauty habit I’m stealing from her it’s this. She’s also used Olay since forever so this product comes with Mamma Smaggle approval. 

1o.07 pm


Aesop Fabulous Facial Oil – This stuff is BEAUTIFUL. 

10.08 pm


Body Shop Elderflower Under-eye gel – I’m on the up-hill climb to 30 so I’ve GOT to start taking care of the skin under my eyes. This gel is so cooling and calming right before bed. 

10.09 pm


Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment – Well der. 

10.10 pm


Sunsilk Anti-Frizz Leave in Conditioner – I like my anti-frizz products to be creamy. You may notice this is the Spanish version and if you look closely I believe it says ‘ant-poof’ on the bottle. He he. 

10.11 pm


VO5 Matt Clay – I love this hair product because being a gal of the curly haired variety most hair care companies think I want to look like I just stepped out of a pool of grease. Um… why? So thank god for the geniuses at Vo5 who realise that Pee Wee Herman ain’t sporting a look a want to copy. 

11.13 pm


Givenchy Organza – This is my scent. I like to smell like cookies.


What about you muffin bum? What are the fave products that you can’t live without? Please include links and share the love! Tell us everything… I love a good beauty routine goss…

Love Lady Smaggle



  1. meaghan 11 years ago

    That elderflower under eye gel must be good stuff then! Its about the 5th time in the last couple of weeks ive heard someone rave about it.
    So im off to buy some. 🙂

  2. Jordan Best 11 years ago

    ant poof. Awesome.

  3. Nadist 11 years ago

    Aqueous cream – for washing and moisturising.
    Pert shampoo – I love it.
    Rosehip oil – for face.
    Trilogy Everything balm for lips.
    Perfume – I have about 10 that I choose from.
    Eyelash curlers – essential life-support equipment.
    Eyeliner inside the top lashline.
    Eyeshadow pencils.
    Tubey mascara – all other mascara hates me and it’s mutual.

  4. Kate 11 years ago

    oh my! I thought I was the only one still buying cedel hair spray. I love the smell!

  5. Kylie 11 years ago

    I do carry aqium in my handbag, I also have it in my car, classroom and kitchen. Maybe it’s a teacher thing, or just a snot thing 🙂

  6. Alline 11 years ago

    Well, as I live in Brazil I think my beauty routine will be a tad different from yours, with of course different products. Here it is, anyway:
    For the (curly) hair – Pantene or Herbal Essences for shampoo/cond., some Brazilian brand stuff for weekly hidration, Sunsilk (that here is called Seda) for leave-in
    For the body – Dove Go Fresh or Nivea Happy Sensation for moisturizer, Dove for soap
    For the face – Avon AM/PM Total Radience for sun protection/moisturizing, Maybelline Dream Mousse for foundation, powder and blusher, Avon for mascara, eyeliner and the rest (can you tell Avon is HUGE in Brazil?)
    For scent – Amor Amor by Cacharel for the night, Brazilian brand Gardenia perfume and when I go back to Ireland I buy So…? by Coty (love it!)

  7. Adele 11 years ago

    Natio 30plus lip balm. $3.95 and the only lip balm I have ever bought that actually moisturises rather than dries. Awesome stuff.

  8. Stacy 11 years ago

    I use Organza too! I have others, but there is something so pretty and comforting about it’s scent. I’ve never known of anyone else to wear it!

  9. Na 11 years ago

    I am TERRIBLY CONFUSED. Why are you putting on perfume before you go to bed?

    as to beauty products, I have like zero brand loyalty. the only thing I always wear is moisturiser, which I change a lot but tend to gravitate back to one of three for day: Dove Essential Nutrients SPF15, Olay Daily Moisturiser SPF15, or my latest fave, QV Daily moisturiser SPF30. I change between Qv Night Cream and plain Olay moisturiser for night.

    right now I’m loving M.A.C. gel eyeliner in black (it comes in a pot! you paint it on!)

    apart from that, I am fiercely loyal to my perfume, which is YSL Cinema and lovely…


  10. Ruin 11 years ago

    I don’t really have a beauty regime, but if I did it would appear loosely as thus:
    – chocolate
    – regret
    – body shop tea tree facial cleanser
    – palmer’s cocoa butter moisturiser
    – chocolate

  11. Lady Smaggle 11 years ago

    Jordan – I know right?

    Meaghan- Yeah its awesome. I love it!

    Nadist – I’ve heard about rosehip oil… must try that.

    Kate – No way! I love the stuff.

    Kylie – I think it’s a both kind of thing… 🙂

    Alline – You live in Brazil??? Too cool.

    Adele – Thanks for that! I’m constantly on the search for new lip gloss.

    Stacey – Me neither! Wow… although I am about to change perfume though although it’s still vanilla based.

    Na – I just put it on after my shower. Which happens to be before bed… I put it on in the morning too. Or only in the morning if that’s when I have my shower… SHUT UP! You’re scared of dolls.

    Ruin – Too true on the chocolate. I’m currently abstaining and it’s killing me.

  12. Alline 11 years ago

    I do live in Brazil…! But you know what they say, the grass is always greener… Will Ireland please hurry up out of the damn recession just so we can go back home at last?
    Ps: I`m “Irish by marriage”, but Brazilian by birth. =)


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