Best Podcasts 2017 – My Top 5 Favourites To Get In Your Ears Now

Best Podcasts 2017 – My Top 5 Favourites To Get In Your Ears Now
Carly Jacobs

ometimes I get really confused about where I’ve mentioned certain things. I have two blogs, more social media profiles than I can count and I host a weekly podcast so I constantly feel like I’m repeating myself. Have I recommended that thing yet? Did I talk about that yet? It’s really confusing.

best podcasts 2017

So, I’m a self confessed podcast junkie to the point where my phone broke a few months ago and I started hyperventilating at the thought of not having anything to listen to while my phone sat there being all useless and selfish. Being alone with my own thoughts is truly terrifying to me, so I listen to podcasts all day. If I’m writing, I’m listening to classic FM – no lyrics so I don’t get distracted – but for anything else, it’s podcasts all the way. It occurred to me that I haven’t put together a list of my favourite podcasts in a while so here’s what’s in my ears most days.

99% Invisible

This is technically a design podcast but it’s about the kind of design you don’t see, like why hospitals are set up the way they are and why certain countries design their money they way they do. The only issue I have with 99 PI (when you start listening to it regularly, you’re allowed to call it 99 PI. All the cool kids do it.) is that the episodes are so short. They’re dense and meaty and absolutely perfect but I’m always left wanting more. I guess that’s the mark of a really good podcast. Also Roman Mars’ voice is magical. It’s like meditation for me. He ends every episode by saying ‘Recorded in beautiful, downtown, Oakland California. I am Roman Mars.’ and I freaking love it.

Favourite episodes

#45 – The Griftshrank

#188 – Fountain Drinks


My Favourite Murder

This podcast is my life. I discovered it a year ago when they only had 5 episodes live and their Facebook group had 1000 people in it. It’s two comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstarck talking shit about murder. It’s now one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes and there’s 100k people in their Facebook group. They’re probably going to tour Australia this year and I will disgrace myself to get tickets to one of their shows. I hate it when people say they liked things before they were cool, but I ACTUALLY liked MFM before it was cool. Fans of MFM call ourselves Murderinos. If you’re not into true crime, maybe skip this one. It can get a bit gory but bloody hell it’s good.

Favourite episodes

#11 – What The Helleven

#21 – Because 7,8,9


best podcasts 2017


This is another one from the podcast network PRX, and it’s ace. Each episode has a theme like buttons or lithium and the whole episode will be about that. It’s always interesting and always leaves you thinking about stuff. Make sure you have a mate who listens to it too, so you have someone to chat to about it.

Favourite episodes

#24 – Debatable

#13 – Playing God

#12 – The Girl Who Doesn’t Exist


This one is technically a true crime podcast but not really. It’s about crimes, some horrific but most are just weird. The episodes are super short but really entertaining. You’ll plough through the whole series super quickly. It’s hosted by Phoebe Judge who has the juiciest voice. I love her.

Favourite episodes

#5 – Dropping Like Flies

#22 – Ex Libris

#12 – The Editor

best podcasts 2017

Meshel Laurie’s Nitty Gritty Committee

I’m pretty sure iTunes recommend this to me and I was a little weary at first (not sure why because I LOVE Meshel) but this is a bloody good podcast. She’s a fab interviewer, her guests are really interesting and it’s lovely to hear Australian accents on a well produced podcast.

Favourite episodes

#5 JonBenet Ramsay’s Dad

#34 John Edward of Crossing Over

#19 Jordan Raskopoulos

Speaking of podcasts, in this week’s episode of Straight & Curly, Kelly and I discuss our favourite episodes of OUR podcast. Just in case you’re new to the podcast, here are a few episodes we liked.

#28-30 Making sense of diet and exercise series

#43 Overthinking

#19 & #24 Digital detox

#48 Adult friendships

#27 Dealing with negative feedback

And here’s today’s episode!

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Are you a podcast listener? What’s you favourite podcast EPISODE ever?


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  1. Louise 5 years ago

    The best podcast I think I have come across is called “The Season” from WNYC – not one episode, but it only went for 10 eps so I reckon it counts. It’s about the worst US college football team and the interviewer does a fantastic job of getting to how a team perseveres when they are THE WORST and losing every game for YEARS. Like Friday Night Lights, it is not about the football, while also being entirely about the football. Recommend to anyone.

    I love podcasts, so I can’t just leave it at that. Here are my ‘right-away’ favourites:
    “Again With This: Beverley Hills 90210”
    “Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn”
    “Myths and Legends”
    “The Allusionist”

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Oh I’ve heard that’s great! A mate of mine recommended it! Will add all these to my list. Myths and Legends sounds like it’s right up my ally.

  2. Drstumpy 5 years ago

    Sweet Teen Club. Sweet Tween Club. Sweet Tween Club. RECORD MORE EPISODES (pleeeeeeeaaaasssseee).

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      We’ve recorded some just editing them takes ages! Podcasts are time consuming and expensive! 🙁

  3. Vee 5 years ago

    Undisclosed. Each season about an innocence project case. Love it.

  4. Jacq Lives Here 5 years ago

    For LOLS: My Dad Wrote a Porno, the Mortified Podcast

    For Crime: Crimetown, Criminal, Serial, Sword and Scale

    For the Interesting Things: This American Life, The Moth, The Beauty Brains, Radiolab, Straight and Curly (:)), No Such Thing as a Fish, Stuff You Should Know

    I have continuous anxiety that I never have enough time to listen to ALL THE PODCASTS!! It’s a thing!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Me too! I always feel like I’m missing out on stuff! Thanks for listening to Straight and Curly! 🙂

  5. hrhmarybeth 5 years ago

    This is a great list! I have a snow day here in Massachusetts so I have been working my way through them. I really enjoy the Moth – I have seen it live a couple of times but in particular you need to listen to “Every Expense was Spared”

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Oh thanks for the rec! Will add it to the list!

  6. Deb 5 years ago

    Have you listened to ‘Conversations’ (Richard Fidler) by ABC Radio? I have just finished the podcast ‘why school teacher Gabbie Stroud loved and left her career’. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this given that you used to be a teacher. As a mum with young kids I really dislike the increasing emphasis on standardised testing.

    For a shorter podcast I like ‘Tall Tales and True’ also by ABC Radio. In particular ‘I nailed a murderer’ and ‘pen pals for life’.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      Oh I’ll listen to it – that sounds so similar to me!

  7. Zed 5 years ago

    I’m missing out. I’m not a big podcast listener, I listen to a few semi regularly. I prefer listening to podcasts whilst I’m driving than listening to the same songs on repeat on the radio (drives me crazy to the point where I just turn off the radio mid-song and drive in slience for the rest of the journey). I mostly listen to Serial, and The School of Greatness. I have to check some of these out!

  8. Dan D 5 years ago

    BBC radio drama. So awesome. The BEST radio dramas I’ve ever heard. My favorite… Love is Dead.

  9. Claire H Matson 5 years ago

    In The Service! Hosted by 2 rad chicks, it’s about their experience working as servers in restaurants in NYC! Funny, eyeopening and real!


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