D.I.Y Paint Splattered Clothing

D.I.Y Paint Splattered Clothing
Carly Jacobs

Not that anyone really needs instructions on how to do this but I have been cruising through the blogosphere today and I found this lovely picture of Natalie Portman over at Coquette

And now I have decided that I want one for myself. Well not actually a dress but some sort of oversized white garment with twig like spatters across it. Then I started getting all kinds of craft panic. What paint do I use? Will the paint wash out? There were too many questions for me to cope with so I made a cup tea and went through all my craft books. And I hit the jackpot baby! 



This book is so hilarious. It’s full of manic looking childen wearing primary colours and smiling like hyenas while holding assorted craft items at awkward angles. It was published in the early 90’s so the projects are pretty daggy but there are some useful tips. For instance they recommend using latex housepaint for splattering on t-shirts. And I know everyone will think I am weird but I am going to say it anyway. I really, really, really want the mountain against the night sky hoodie. It so… Art Attack!

This is an art attack. This is an art attack. This. Is. ART ATTACK!!!! If you’ve never seen Art Attack you totally don’t get what I am talking about and if you have the catch phrase it really doesn’t work without the visuals does it?

So this weekend I am on a mission to find the perfect t-shirt to get all Jackson Pollock with. And there is also a section in the book on tye-dying. Mwah ha ha ha! Watch out Mama Smaggle I’m about to make a big mess…

Love Lady Smaggle


P.S Sorry for the teeny tiny photos. My work computer is being all weird and wants to choose the size of my pictures. For some reason it decided that the ones in this post were going to be small. I’ll try to fix the problem as soon as I can!





  1. Ivy 14 years ago

    Yes!! A splattered dress! It sounds so very 80’s but Portman looks super stylish & modern. Actually, I wanted to do this to shoes. I saw some in Etsy here;
    Very cool idea, Lady Smaggle! Can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece 😀

  2. Matt & Ged 14 years ago

    Hmmm…. Maybe I could just get some drop sheets and leave them in the Studio for a week ??

    And you could make some clothes with it ??

    Another idea would be to use bleach instead of paint … that is also soooo 80’s … just make sure your wearing a plastic apron as-well. Had many Jeans done this way during the 80’s when you twist the Jeans and place in buckets of bleach in various dilution’s ( Tie- Dye style )

    Love ged x x x

  3. Faeriegirl 13 years ago

    OMG! I love it… I totally ruined a beautiful strapless dress by trying to dye it without reading the proper directions… so since it is already ruined (patchy bits) I wanted to “try” and at least make an art project out of it.

    Now the question remains…will it be wearable?

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