How to make your friends think that you are awesome…

How to make your friends think that you are awesome…
Carly Jacobs

Yesterday was not the greatest day. Not for any particular reason I was just hideously tired and busy and emotionally drained after a really hectic weekend. I dragged myself home at midnight after spending the evening with one of my gorgeous (but incredibly exhausting) friends and I came home to find this…

On the end of my bed. I immediately thought that some freak had figured out where I live and had hand-delivered a package of dirty underwear and fingernail clippings. So I very gingerly opened it and inside I found copy of Vice magazine and a hand written note requesting the pleasure of my company for a vanilla tea at Cafe Essen one afternoon this week from my mate Az. SOOOO much better than skid-marked undies. He is visiting from Melbourne so the package was a mega surprise.

I also received a package from my friend Tae who made these gorgeous earrings for me a while ago that I absolutely adore. These earrings are so special that I keep them in my special jewellery box with all my super special stuff. It turns out that my ‘special’ jewellery box is actually a jewellery death trap. I managed to close the lid on one of the earrings and it crunched and stopped spinning. I finally owned up to Tae on the weekend and told her how devastated I was and yesterday I received a new earring in the post!

God damn it my friends are FREAKING AWESOME!!!

So here are a few friendship inspired Smaggle tips of the day…

* Send your friend something in the post. Seriously. You have NO IDEA how lovely it will make them feel.

* Write your lover a note asking them out on a special date and slip it into their pocket or handbag before they leave for work. They’ll find it by accident during the day and I promise they will be thrilled.

* Bake a slice every time you go to a party. I’ve been doing this recently and it’s such a lovely old-fashioned thing to do. Plus it makes me feel tops when I leave with an empty plate!

* Share your snacks with a work colleague. Browny and I share everything – oranges, apples, biscuits – and it’s really lovely to be sitting at your desk and have someone hand you half an orange or a few dates.

* Kiss and hug your friends every time you see them.

* Tell a friend that you really appreciate them. It sounds really soppy and it’s sometimes awkward but it’s really good to hear that your friends appreciate you.

So thanks Tae and Az! I love you both long time!

Love Lady Smaggle




  1. Showa59 14 years ago

    I so feel you! I randomly give my friends flowers sometimes! Some people are happy, others happy and plain confused! its so fun! 😀

    Also random post cards are super nice (and make my day too) or sending friends random goodies…

  2. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Azz – Totally made my day! Can’t wait for our date!

    ShowA59 – I should do it more often!

    Kyutie – I love the new necklace you got for birthday it’s gorgeous!

    Bloomy – Oh my gosh! I thought slice was universal! It’s like a denser cake type thing. They are usually quite shallow and are cut in squares. Like caramel slice and vanilla slice. If you figure out what that is called in America I would love to know!

  3. Azz 14 years ago

    No probs my dear. Getting stuff in the post rocks every time because people don’t expect it anymore.

  4. kyutie 14 years ago

    hi! how are you doing?! thanks for the great info..

    take care,

  5. bloomy 14 years ago

    lovely advice. one question from a yankee though- what’s a slice?

  6. bloomy 14 years ago

    great advice, but one question from a yankee- what’s a slice?

  7. rollergirl 14 years ago

    These are lovely! Me and my assistant used to send each other dumb stuff all the time when we worked together. Just silly private jokes mainly but it was so cute! I’ll have to send her something now…

  8. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Rollergirl – Oh you totally should! I just had a friend call to tell me she loves me. She must read Smaggle! 🙂

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