How To Re-Wear A Dress You’ve Had For Ages

How To Re-Wear A Dress You’ve Had For Ages
Carly Jacobs

I basically can’t go on Facebook these days without stumbling across an article about how shit millennials are. They make terrible employees, they eat too many avocados to ever be able to afford a house and they think they’re all magic unicorns who deserve constant adoration and attention. Sounds like every other generation in their formative years to me but whatever.

I’m not technically a millennial but I still identify with this generation because I have about two friends that are actually my age. The rest of them are much older or much younger than me so I spend a lot of time with millennials and they’re really not as bad as the reputation they have. For example did you know that millennials use libraries more than any other generation? They also don’t like chain restaurants and tend to favour independently owned cafes and they’re big supporters of small businesses. My favourite thing about millennials though is that (most of them) don’t give a shit about luxury brands. When I was growing up, it was so cool to have a pair of Chanel sunglasses or even a Dior lipstick but millennials don’t care. They’re also slowly killing fast fashion by buying less clothing, less frequently than previous generations.

That got me thinking about this dress that I’ve owned for about 8 years now. I bought it during this excellent season Jacqui E had where seemingly all their dresses were made for me. This one has been mended, hemmed and washed dozens of times and still looks brand new. It’s also been all over the USA, Europe, Indonesia, India and Thailand. It doesn’t need ironing so it’s the first thing I pack when I head overseas. I can also get away without wearing a bra with it which is always an added plus.

how to re-wear a dress


Dress from Jacqui E 

Cardigan from Anthropologie

Shoes from Toms

Tips for wearing a dress you’ve already worn a thousand times.

Add accessories 

I find a scarf or cardigan will make a huge difference to jazzing up something you’ve worn many times. I have a black wrap cardigan and a crochet shawl I also wear with this dress and it makes it look like a totally different outfit every time I swap up my accessories.

Wear different shoes 

I usually chuck this dress on with my nude ballet flats (that are in serious need of replacing!) but my Toms are nice way to mix it up a little. This is my second pair of Toms platforms. So. Comfortable.

how to re-wear a dress

Shelve it for a while 

Sometimes I’ll go a whole summer without wearing this dress and other summers it will be my most favourite thing. If I pop this dress away in my cupboard for a season, I’m always super ready to wear it again.

This outfit was worn for a big day of client work and then an afternoon in the park with my bestie and her bubba. Then Mr Smags and I did a late night dash to Ikea for some photography props. Have you ever shopped at Ikea at 8pm at night? It’s bliss. Totally empty, really clean and super quiet. I’d rather punch myself in the face than go to Ikea on a Saturday morning but 8pm? Bring it on.

Do you have a dress you’ve owned for ages that you still wear?

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  1. Lizzie Fourman 5 years ago

    I have a skirt that I’ve had for almost 10 years and I still love wearing it. I find any chance I can to wear it. It looks like I’m wearing it while I’m playing violin at church this weekend. I might try to wear it twice in a row to see if anyone notices. lol

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      I always think we think people are looking at us more than they actually are. I never notice if people are wearing the same thing twice so why would they notice that about me?

  2. nessbow 5 years ago

    I have several dresses in my wardrobe that I’ve worn over and over and over. My all-time favourite dress was a tomato-red shirt dress that I wore until it literally fell to pieces. At the moment, I’m trying to take a more minimalist approach to life to curb my spending and whittle down the clutter. This has meant really zeroing in on the things I truly enjoy wearing, and purchasing less fast fashion. And through this process I’ve had to get creative with finding ways to jazz up existing clothing so that I don’t feel tempted to buy more. Thank you so much for these tips!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 5 years ago

      You’re welcome – I’m the same. I have striped Muji dress I bought in New York in 2011 and I still wear it twice a week. There are just some amazing magical clothing items out there that bless us!

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