How to Wear Really Long Earrings

How to Wear Really Long Earrings
Carly Jacobs

Guess what smagglets? I have a new obsession. Really, really long and stupidly big earrings. I’m talking impractical, earlobe stretching, bordering on comical ear accoutrement. I blame Edie Sedgwick. There is just something uber cool and rebellious about wearing earrings that behemoth. I LOVE my accessories but I find myself wearing necklaces more than earrings because they are larger and they don’t get hidden by my masses of crazy hair. But never fear as these giant ear sparklers garner as much attention as a statement neck-piece if not more. However there are few things you should be aware of before taking the tribal plunge…

Beware of shoulder duster earrings with a complicated collar. Chanel can pull it off but I wouldn’t try this at home.

Just like the adorable Edie make sure you keep your hair simple and neat to offset the eccentricity of the earrings.

 Personally I would avoid the whole headdress/Pocahontas look but imagine how spectacular these peacock feather earrings would look with a long slinky black ball gown… how terribly 40’s. Cap this look off with smoky eyes and a martini…

Oh and do avoid going OTT with your other accessories. I love the hair clip but I could live with out the weird chicken’s bum feathers at the back. I get that she’s a bride and everything but it’s kind of weird.

And to further my integrity as a fashion blogger I have included photographic evidence that I am actually rocking this look today. I have been meaning to make a pair of massive earrings ever since I saw Factory Girl (which was crap except for the costumes) but I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Luckily I found these gems at a retro shop in Bungendore yesterday. I had to fix them because the ear-wire was really fat and wouldn’t fit in my modest little hole. I just attached a couple of hooks and some jump rings and they are as good as new. They are really bloody heavy though and to be honest I don’t know how long they will last. But I do love the jingly sound they make when I walk and feel very much an Indian Princess in them. It’s also really satisfying to wear earrings that are so long they actually touch your body… hence the term ‘shoulder dusters’ I suppose.

Love Lady Smaggle xxx


  1. princessnaea 14 years ago

    JEALOUSY. I want some. NOW!!! damn you and your fabulous accessories!

  2. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Julia – Thanks love. The earrings KILL ME but I love them. I can only wear them for a few hours at a time. I need to find light and large earrings!

  3. JULIA 14 years ago

    i personally am a strong believer in earrings (especially large ones) and i wear them every day, half of them being eccentric and/or large. although im 15 and some of the earrings i wear my, say, mom wouldnt be able to wear… but just had to say im drooling over your earrings and your hair looks amazing too

  4. Readya 10 years ago

    Beautiful earrings, but you should probably replace the original larger earwires before wearing them again and stretch your holes a little. The earrings were made that way for a very good reason. The thicker wire distributes the weight over a larger surface of the ear hole rather than focusing it on a thin area like a cheese cutting wire. And we all know what those do to cheese!

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