Sex and the City – SPOILER ALERT!!!

Sex and the City – SPOILER ALERT!!!
Carly Jacobs

Okay I know everyone has probably already seen it but I wanted to have SPOILER ALERT!!! in the title of the post because it makes me feel like I know something you don’t…

I finally went to see the movie last night and I have to say I FREAKIN LOVED IT!!! In my Sex and the City fan-haze I refused to see it in a normal cinema and I have been on the waiting list for 2 weeks to see it at the Premium cinema. Premium is where you get a reclining chair, there are only 30 other people in the cinema, you don’t have to sit next to anyone (except the person that you are with) and they bring you food at your request through out the movie. So I finally got my tickets last night and after a quick sushi dinner, Mr Smaggle and I trotted off to the movie…

Now I wasn’t really expecting much because I know that a lot of people really hated it and I have been purposely avoiding reading too much about it but here are a few things I loved…

* The wedding dress montage. Holy crap, that was awesome. I was biting holes in Mr Smaggle from the pure joy… Oscar De la Renta, Dior, Lacroix, Westwood… I’m feeling dizzy just thinking about it.

* Carrie’s new style. I will admit there were a few fuglies in there like the strange stripy socks and football jersy combo but the rest was gorgeous. Her style has developed and matured and I think Patricia Field rocks. She really showed her versatility as a stylist and she clearly put a lot of thought into each of the characters, where their lives took them and how this translated in their clothing. A job well done from a seriously talented lady. Oh and I want Samantha’s silver fish bone shoes from the naked sushi scene. Now.

* The revealing of the magic closet. This was super special. It’s always been Carrie’s dream and although some people found it to be materialistic I think it was lovely. 

* When Carrie is moving out and is doing the toss/keep montage and they show the opening scene dress and all the girls say ‘keep’! Bless!

* Samantha’s ‘Hey dick wad!’. Priceless.

* The whole wedding look and the fact that VIVIENNE WESTWOOD GAVE HER THE DRESS! I nearly cried. I know Carrie is fictional but my heart was bursting with happiness for her. If you need to explain this to a man just say it’s like Steve Jobs sending them the latest Macbook for free, 6 months before they are even on sale and with a lovely hand written note. Delivered in a Lamborghini full of beer that they get to keep. 

* The part where Big and Carrie meet in the street after he leaves her at the altar. I was DEVASTATED!!! But damn that was a good scene. Charlotte was so fierce and and protective it was amazing. She totally took charge and I got goosebumps from it! I just think the actors, directors and writers really nailed that scene. 

* The Stanford and Anthony cuteness! I’m so annoyed that this wasn’t explored more. I loved their little New Year’s pash. Total movie highlight!

* I may by really immature… Okay I’m completely immature but I loved the little humpy dog.


Things I didn’t like about it…

* How Steve cheated on Miranda. Bad Steve! I guess Miranda wouldn’t have had much to do in the film if this didn’t happen but it totally tainted my love for him. It was nice though when they met ‘halfway’ on the bridge… a little corny but they had to give Miranda something to do. I mean she completed the season married with baby and as a partner in her law firm. There wasn’t really anywhere else this could go.

* Charlotte was quite irritating and really one dimensional. She had so much more going for her in the series and I felt that the movie let her down. Her scenes with Big were great though and it was nice to see her kicking butt for Carrie. Apart from that she was too vacuous and kind of like a pregnancy Barbie doll. 

* Jennifer Hudson. Bless her little cotton socks but she was a total waste of space. Why introduce a new character like that? There is no need and she wasn’t that great. There was no character development or anything. And her and Carrie SO weren’t close enough to warrant a Louis Vuitton bag! What was that about? And sorry, but why does Carrie need an assistant? How much writing did you see her do? It was really bizarre.

* The product placement was SO IRRITATING! ‘Oh I’m just going to take my Apple Iphone out of my Louis Vuitton and call Vivienne Westwood to thank her for my couture gown!’. Although people who go on about Carrie writing on a Macbook piss me off. She has ALWAYS written on a Macbook so I think that’s acceptable.

* The relationships between Miranda and Brady and Charlotte and Lily. They just totally looked like borrowed children. Obviously Lily is adopted but I didn’t sense any mother like close-ness with either of SATC mothers and their ‘children’. I just feel that the actors could have worked on this a little more.

* The fact Carrie is a bloody masochist! Why did she go back to Big after he humiliated her like that? WHAT THE HELL??? Bring back Aiden. I always hated Big and I still do. That was so totally unacceptable and he got forgiven without nearly enough grovelling. Carrie is pretty selfish and bitchy though so I guess they kind of deserve each other. I think it sets a really bad example to women every where who allow themselves to be treated like absolute dirt by arseholes like Big but stay with them because they ‘love’ them. It’s bullshit. Why did she go back to him? Yeah I get that she went all Bridezilla on him but come ON! I’m still in shock. And still holding my little sad candle for Aiden. Come back you big rugged ball of goodness! I’m saying something that goes against everything SATC stands for. It’s nice to date nice boys! Why are we constantly being encouraged to date the ‘difficult’ ones? What can I say? I’m an Aiden gal through and through.

* The ending was a little too neat. There was something in it for everyone you know?. Miranda was happy in her broken marriage, Charlotte was happy in her perfect marriage, Carrie was happy in her ridiculously destructive relationship and Samantha was happy to be single. Wow. How terribly coincidental and diverse.

* Samantha’s ‘fat roll’ that had the girls balking at the site of her. Was I the only one that didn’t see it? She looked exactly the same to me. 

All in all, I really enjoyed it. It was lovely to see my girls again after so long and I think they all looked incredible. My response was more emotional than I thought it would be. I was seriously devasted when Big left Carrie at the alter and I was so proud of Charlotte for standing up to him. Steve totally broke my heart when he cheated on Miranda and I got all welled up when Charlotte finally got herself knocked up. The script wasn’t as sharp or as funny as the show but I will forgive the producers because television and film are so different and I think they did an amazing job making the transition. I liked that they didn’t dwell on the series and it was more of an insight into what the girls have become rather than a trip down memory lane. It didn’t just pick up where the series left off. I highly recommend it for serious Sex and the City fans because it’s a fabulous film. Your natural love of the girls will hopefully make up for the down falls of the film. Paticia Field is a goddess in every sense of the word and I love her and want to have little pink haired babies with her. So that’s Lady Smaggle’s humble opinion…

What did you think of film? What was your favourite part? Which bit made you cringe? And what did you think of the ladies now they are all grown up?

Love Lady Smaggle




  1. Andrea Mitchell 14 years ago

    I completely agree with you on every point. I only ever watched a couple of episodes of the series (I grew up in Zimbabwe and we got TV shows late or not at all), but I went along with a friend who is a huge fan and LOVED it, despite its occasional shallowness, the unlikely mother-child relationships and the fact that Carrie goes back to Big (Why??).

    The Jennifer Hudson weirdness struck me too. Why on God’s green earth does Carrie need an assistant? The stuff Jennifer (forget her character name) did was so basic and seemed to take about five minutes while Carrie was sitting RIGHT THERE watching her. And why introduce another character? It just seemed irrelevant. Also (and my usually non-existent PC-ness is kicking in here), it sort of sucked that the only black character had to be an employee. Although I think I’m reading way too much into it there.

    Phew, long comment, sorry. Thanks for the opportunity to rant.

  2. Fashion Addict 14 years ago

    Oh, I skipped the post because I haven’t watched the movie yet! AHHH!

    BTW, your blog is great and I wanted to know if you would like to trade links with me. Well, keep up the good work and come by my blog when you have the time!

  3. selina 14 years ago

    your review is SO GREAT! i was nodding my head all the way through

  4. working wife&mom 14 years ago

    I loved the movie also…and pretty much agreed on everything that you have said here. A few things that I did not agree with is the Steve cheating thing. Dont get me wrong, I think cheating is a dispicable, discusting, wicked thing to do, but come on, how long does a guy have to go without any intimacy. without having sex with his wife before finally looking elseware. LIke I said, cheating is bad, but there does come a time that a person will stray. Miranda blamed it on her working, but we working women and moms still manage to find time to give our spouses a litte. As for Charlotte, I thought she was great, but I do agree that she was not very motherly to her “child”. Oh, and one BIG (pun intended) disagreement that I had was Mr BIG. I love that guy and think that Carrie and Big totally belong together. He never lied to her about who he was and what he wanted. He told her that he did not want a Big (once again, pun intended) wedding. And I also loved Aiden and even though i was not happy to see him go, I was happy to see him happy with someone else. Carrie (and I love this character) did not deserve him. I know that I may sound like I am contradicting myself, with the Steve cheating and Carrie cheating, but I get what I mean in my own demented little head. LOL

    Now as for everything else that you said that you loved, DITTO!!

    Oh, on another note, I love your blog and look forward everyday to reading it. Your just so fiesty and witty and just plain freaking CUTE!

  5. patrick 14 years ago

    Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women… people either love the movie or they hate it

  6. Emily Abigail 14 years ago

    Yes, yes, yes! I completely agree with everything, as well. I thought that Charlotte was rather annoying in the movie, actually. She just seemed so useless to me; although, I agree, her reaction to Big gave me chills. So good!

    Also, something you didn’t mention: Samantha and Smith! I was sort of sad that she gave him up that easily. I mean, I understand that she wasn’t focused on her anymore but he just always seemed so willing to change for her & she just gave him up even though she still obviously loved him. And, we never got to see her with her sexy neighbor! I mean, come on! Hehe.

    Other than that, I LOVED it. I cried more than I care to admit. Although, I felt that the ending was a bit stale for me. I guess it was nice seeing them all together; but, I think it would have been almost better if they just showed the four of them as the last thing.

    I need to see it again! As you can tell, I’m a little obsessed. 🙂

  7. Fifi 14 years ago

    ARG ok ok I’m commenting, but I hadn’t commented already because I HAVEN’T FREAKIN SEEN IT YET!!!! So I can’t read the post cos it was headed with SPOILER ALERT!!!

    Sorry love – I WANT to see it, but Na hates Sex and the City and I don’t have a Mr Smaggle that I can drag to chick flicks… 🙂 I will get there and then i will comment again with gusto. xx

  8. Dr. Stumpy 14 years ago

    Yes I too was very confused about Samantha’s “fat roll” I didn’t understand the scene at all… with every one looking at her. oh and while we are on body image – every seen with Carrie in her undies creeped me out as the women is sooooo bony and requires plumping.

  9. Lady Smaggle 14 years ago

    Fashion Addict – Thanks love! I’m about to update my site and links list so I’ll add you then.

    Selina – Great minds think alike huh? 🙂 I’ve been waiting to read your review I’ll go do that now!

    Andrea Mitchell – Yeah totally! It was the same in Mexico all the staff were mexican and the girls treated them really badly. Good point!

    Working Wife and Mom – Aw how sweet are you? You’re making me blush. I get your point about Carrie knowing who he is but I have argue – Does Big advertising the fact that he is a douche make it more acceptable? It just makes him more arrogant in my opinion. And it’s true, Carrie did not deserve my beautiful Aiden. I hope he is happy where ever he is…

    Patrick – Hello… you’re a boy. Um… Welcome! I feel like I need to cover up or something…

    Emily Abigail – I’m taking Mama Smaggle on a date soon. I totally have to see it again.

    Fifi – Whoops. Didn’t realise you hadn’t seen it. Sorry love!

    Dr Stumpy – I know! The ‘fat roll’ was totally non-existant.

    Hailey – Oh I think a second movie would totally freak me out. Imagine what they are all like when they are 60? Weird.

  10. Hailey 14 years ago

    Great post – so much detail which I love. I think they had to make the Stanford scenes smaller as they were cramming like a whole season into 2.5 hours! But yeah woulda liked to see more of that and a bit more sex! Maybe they will do a 2nd movie!!

  11. Mrs Munk 14 years ago

    i haven’t seen it yet, but I read the review anyway. I knew about most of the stuff that happens from the ads so it didn’t spoil it too much for me.
    I kinda feel like I don’t need to see it now, as the review was very detailed (which I love! I always have a need to pick things apart, like a chicken carcas, so I’m glad you did). But of course I will def go see it. Am dying to in fact, just waiting for my friend to get here from melbourne to join me!!arrgh!

  12. Ivy 14 years ago

    I JUST watched the movie – finally! And oh my god, I agree with like 90% of your review. Although I thought it went far too long.. I was getting bored at the end.
    & I’ve always hated big too!! Aiden was the best. Have loved that man since Northern Exposure 😀

  13. bec 14 years ago

    Love, love loved the movie !!!
    and I was never a fanatical devotee of the show just liked it when i caught it. I too saw it gold class with recliners, wait service, a bottle of red and a few girlfriends !
    In defence of Charlotte – ‘ she was too vacuous and kind of like a pregnancy Barbie doll ‘ – and having recently been pregnant, perhaps she was playing her character well, hormonally induced vacuousness !?
    Samanthas fishbone shoes only $850 to buy.
    And Aiden – pah ! he was a pussy and not in the slightest bit challenging enough for Carrie. Besides if you recall he has a kid with someone else. (I did, however, like him in Northern Exposure)


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