The Genius Hack That Will Help You Stay Awake At Work

How many times have you struggled to stay awake at work? I had a doozy once where I nearly face planted into a cup of tea. That was bad. The only real solution to falling asleep at your desk is to have a proper nights sleep the night before and in a perfect world we would obviously do this all the time but you know what? There are kids, projects, side businesses, family, friends and sometimes a bloody great party that gets in the way of us getting enough rest. It happens to all of us, so when that happens, you need an emergency fix.

Mr Smags and I both work from home which means that we work weird hours and sometimes we have to power through projects if we’re on tight deadlines. Most Sunday nights are spent with our living room set up as a photography studio, shooting content for the coming week which means we are often not as well rested as we would like on Mondays. Normally I’m against this kind of behaviour because I think it’s important to make sure that your to-list is manageable but when you’re up to your eyeballs in client work and you have a crazy deadline, sometimes you just need to do whatever it takes to get shit done.

One afternoon years ago, Mr Smaggle and I were both at risk of majorly flagging in the afternoon and we couldn’t decide whether or not to have a nap or a coffee. We’d both been reading a lot of literature about sleep patterns when we figured out the magical answer was both. We’ve dubbed this the Espress-Wooze (don’t know what a wooze is? Click here)

stay awake at work

What To Do

1. Drink a coffee
2. Lie down immediately for a 20-minute nap

Why It Works

It takes your body about half an hour for the first effects of a caffeine hit to kick in which means that as you’re waking up from your refreshing nap, your coffee will kick in and give you an energy boost. You’ll be both rested and pumped after your micro-sleep. We’ve been using this little emergency pick me up for years and it’s an absolute lifesaver when you’re in crisis mode. This is also a killer move if you’ve got to go to a party and you’re really not feeling it. Slam an espresso, lie down for a quick kip and you’ll be party ready in no time. Bonza.

Note: If you work in an office the best option is to grab a takeaway short black, slam it, then have a sleep in your car, under a tree or in an empty office. Don’t forget to set your alarm!

Have you tried an espress-wooze? Do you have any other tips for little pick me ups in the afternoon?

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