Vivienne Westwood Paris 2007

Vivienne Westwood Paris 2007
Carly Jacobs

Here are some of my favourite images from Lady Westwood’s latest collection…

Shaggy messy hair and white eye make is a rockin look for spring

I really love unstructured drapey cardigan-like garments that reveal the collar bones. Minimal accesories is another thing I love about this look.


An evening gown, footy socks and scrunchy ankle boots. How does this look so good?

This cape is simply marvelous. Very Little-Red-Riding-Hood-got-the-shit-beaten-out-of-her-by-Vivienne-Westwood-and-Gwen-Stefani…

Bring back the hair chopsticks! I love the colour and shape of this dress. Although the grandpa socks and sandals combo frightens me slightly.


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