The 13 Piece Travel Capsule Wardrobe – Day 6

The 13 Piece Travel Capsule Wardrobe – Day 6
Carly Jacobs

ull disclosure. Day 6 of the challenge was quite a warm day and now it’s winter and freaking freezing so it’s a weirdly inappropriate outfit to have on the blog this week. If I wore it this week, it would have grey tights, boots and cardigan over it. Just in case anyone stumbles upon this article and is all ‘Bitch! You live in Melbourne! No way you wearing that today!’.

If you’re not familiar with the 13 Piece Travel Capsule Wardrobe the idea is that I travelled around for a full two months with only 13 items in my suitcase including shoes and accessories. Here’s the full capsule.

capsule wardrobe

1. White cotton dress from Cos

2. Black organic cotton dress from Gorman

3. Striped cotton dress from Muji 

4. Patterned dress from Marimekko 

5. Oversized cotton cardigan from Vinnies

6. Nude ballet flats from Merrell

7. Sandals from Toms

8. Leather boots from Ecco

9. Cotton scarf from Sportsgirl 

10. Warm wrap (hand crocheted by me – learn to make your own!)

11. Black opaque tights

12. Grey knit tights

13. Down jacket from Muji 

So every day, I only have 13 items to choose from. It’s actually much easier than I though it would be.

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The 13 Piece Travel Capsule Wardrobe Day 5

Here’s Day 6 of the challenge.


3 (striped cotton dress) + 6 (nude flats) 

I bought this dress on a whim a few months ago from Muji without trying it on (super unusual for me) and it’s been a total winner. I have a long sleeved version of it that has been washed and worn to comfort perfection and I can’t wait until this guy is properly worn in. This is one of my favourite outfits ever because I look semi-put together when I’m basically wearing a pillow case with sleeves. Bonza. Hot tip – Muji 100% cotton t-shirt dresses last FOREVER. My long sleeved one I bought in New York in 2011 and I still wear it several times a week.

Technically speaking the capsule wardrobe experiment is over but I still have a few more combos to post which will be up shortly. I then have the Bali capsule wardrobe to share – I went hard on that and travelled with 7 items. It was amazingly freeing and I’d do it again in a heart beat.

One another note I’m off to Sydney and Canberra for a week and I’m only taking a back pack with me. Wish me luck! I tend to cover every outfit up with my down jacket in winter anyway so what’s the point in going overboard planning outfits when I’m just going to cover them up anyway?

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What’s your biggest challenge when packing for a trip and trying to keep your suitcase as light as possible?


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