The 14 Top Items In My Make-Up Bag This Month

The 14 Top Items In My Make-Up Bag This Month
Carly Jacobs

get a quite a few readers asking about my skin care and make-up regime. I always think it’s pretty simple but then I go away for a few days and I pack a whole giant bag of crap and then I realise that I do use quite a lot of products and most of the time I look like I don’t use any. Basically, my main aim in life is not look like I’ve crawled out of a swamp. Here’s what’s in my make-up bag to help me create my Not A Rotting Fleshed Faced Zombie look.

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Night time Routine


1. Cleanse with Dermalogica Microfoliant from Adore Beauty – this stuff is the actual bomb. It’s made my skin super clear and taut. Love it.

2. La Mav Vitamin E Oil from La Mav

3. Trilogy Night Cream from Adore Beauty

4. Time In A Bottle Eye Serum from Adore Beauty – Mrs Woog got all up in my grill about using eye cream or serum last time I saw her and I’ve been vigilent about it ever since. I actually think it’s made a big difference – I feel less droopy. Win.

5. Refresh Eyedrops from Priceline – I’m what my optometrist calls a ‘partial and infrequent blinker’ which means that I don’t blink anywhere as often as I should and when I do, I don’t do it properly. I have a Type A pesonality (I do EVERYTHING properly) so this not only upsets me it also makes eye drops mandatory.

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Morning Routine 


1. Cleanse with QV Cleanser from Priceline – I always cleanse twice a day but my skin is a bit senstive so I always make sure 1 cleanse a day is with QV

2. Nivea Sun Daily Face Veil from Priceline – this stuff is my absolute favourite. I use it every day and have several bottles in various handbags, on my desk and in my car. It’s cheap (about $12) and I reapply several times during the day. It’s the best. Highly recommend it.

3.L’Oreal Base Magique primer from Priceline – I usually use Benefit PORE-fessional but if I’m a bit skint I go to Base Magique because it’s a bit cheaper and almost as good.

4. L’Oreal Skin Perfection Blur Cream from Priceline

5. Garnier Eye Perfecting Roll On from Priceline – I got sent some of this for editorial consideration a while ago but this is now the third tube I’ve bought. I use it every day. I just dab it under my eyes and a little around my nose and it gives light coverage without being cake-y and gross.

6. Smash Box Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown from Mecca – I find black eyeliner is quite ageing on me so I much prefer brown and I LOVE Smash Box. I use a Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush to apply it.

7. Rimmel Lash Accelerator from Priceline – I’m not fussy at all about my mascara but I’ve been quite pleased with this one. I just pop it in my shopping cart whenever I’m ordering things from Priceline and I get a new one every few months.

8. Blush in Exposed from Tarte – my mate Christina from Hair Romance actually gave this to me and I love it. It’s just a nice subtle cheek colour without any shimmer or glitter. I brush it on with an Eco Tools blush brush.

9. OCC Lip Tar – This stuff is brilliant, it lasts for ages and only needs a few top ups during the day. I like Pretty Boy – it’s a super hot pink!

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What’s your nighttime/daytime routine? Any favourite prods you’d like to share?


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  1. Mrs Woog 6 years ago

    Jeeeze I am a bossy cow! x

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      You schooled me real good! I never skip it now!

  2. merilyn 6 years ago

    you make me laugh smags!
    love your honest no bs approach! … good tips here! … I’m always learning from the
    ‘in the know’ girls!
    I like coconut oil for lots of stuff including cleansing and moisturizing … I have heaps of other products only half used! … then I get antsy about poisonous chemicals being used and i’m looking for natural products now! … I make my own and there are a lot more on the market i’ve noticed recently! … I like to add vit e and co q10 capsuals into creams, and make a vit c serum!
    all good! enjoy your day! love m:)X

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      Thanks lovey! I try to be really diligent about ditching products that I don’t use otherwise I end up drowning in them!

  3. Erika 6 years ago

    I must be either incredibly lazy or very minimalist…

    Nightime is face oil (home made) smeared on then wiped off.

    Morning – wash in the shower, home made face cream (yes, essential oil nut here) and lip balm. Currently loving Mongo Kiss by ecolips via the health food store. If I’m feeling enthusiastic, brow powder (Napoleon Perdis) and mascara ( now trying Eye of Horus).

    Absolutely slathering hand cream on at the moment – Natio Wellness doesn’t leave me with greasy paws, so that’s my main one to carry.

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      I always feel like I’m very minimalist but I’m really not! I use all this stuff and it looks like I don’t use anything at all! Do you have a recipe for your home made face cream??? I love hand cream too! My absolute favourite.

      • Erika 6 years ago

        Vegesorb (sorbolene cream), sweet almond oil, rosewater, rose hip oil then essential oils. Generally argan, lavender, rose, sandalwood, ylang yang, vetiver and chamomile. Varies depending on how my skin’s behaving.

  4. Tahlia Meredith 6 years ago

    I got the Garnier eye bb cream after you did a write up about it and I LOVE IT! I tend to get a bit dark around the eyes so I dab a bit on and it brightens me right up. No other (heavy) make up required 🙂

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      I’m exactly the same! It’s so light and lovely and not cakey. I usually have a few tubes of it going at once.

  5. Bec 6 years ago

    Top 14! How many products are in there Smags?!

    • Author
      Carly Jacobs 6 years ago

      Ha not many more that 14… just a few eye shadows and eyeliners in there!


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